6 Logo Design Trends to Follow in 2023

Logo designing is one important aspect of all organizations, it serves as their identity for them, therefore, every business owner puts extra thought into its design of it. There are always a few trends that every year brings to the market. A few logo design trends are classic that never go out of fashion and design.

There are a few logo design agency that gives the brand the identity that helps them have proper recognition in the market. One of the many things that all business owners should understand is they should never carry the trends all their lives. There are a few trends that go outdated but the brands like to follow them throughout their business lives, which often results in losing the customer’s interest.

There is no denying the fact that the year 2021 – 2022 have been pretty brutal for everyone, particularly for struggling brands all over the world. The year 2023 calls for rebranding which is expected to bring some changes in the business world. However, if you are looking to have some better logo designs there is no agency better than the Ingenious Guru.

  1. Stained Glass

Stained glass is one of the trends that are religiously followed by new businesses all over the world. The main reason for following it is because the current trends promote transparency in everything. The kind of businesses the owners are doing today make sure they are not overdoing anything, overpromising anything, or Miss-committing anything. This is what they show in the logos as well; the stained glass shows how the brand is transparent.

Apart from this, stained glass is also linked with the sanctity that gives its root in the medieval church. You would see that the logo is often used in relation to aesthetic vistas and nature. Promote the ecosystem through your logo and be the eco-friendly organization that cares for the environment.

  1. Perspective Drawing

Flat designs and minimalism are the two things to die for, any logo with a combination of these things is a total hit. The trend of perspective drawing is not new and people have been using it for years. With the use of subtle perspective angles, the logo designers have been winning the hearts of the world and their business clients.

All you have to do is use the basic techniques of drawing which include curvature and linear perspective. With such techniques, you can create the illusion of depth without making the design much difficult.

  1. Simplistic Geometry

There is no denying the fact that in the imagery blocks shapes are the main building blocks. However, while the well-known shapes like squares, circles, and triangles are phased out the moment they are done with the groundwork, there is this supreme power in simplicity. The current logo designers are taking full advantage of this logo designing aspect of making the logos with simple shapes and lines.

They strictly follow the rule of minimalism which gives the logos quite a calculated restraint as it allows them to take liberties in all the other places which include the highly saturated colors. You can further add a simple layer over it which develops the structure illusion along with the depth. With the use of shape language designers, today are creating and devising logos that are easy to remember and attractive.

  1. Divergent Letters

The logos that are surrounded by the typeface have quite a straightforward reputation for both better and worse. With the use of divergent letters, you can put more focus on the logo which results in making them more memorable and more important thing they do not really leave much room or space for the creative license. However, the trendy logo designers are constantly making changes by altering one letter at a time.

You would now see more exaggeration of the one letter inside the word mark. You can be as subtle as you want by using some of the colored titles on the lowercase “I” or make it as noticeable as towering the chopsticks and form a capital “H”. The divergent letters do not only create a point of interest that can draw an eye it also gives the brands the best combination of both the traditional and contemporary logo design trends.

  1. Minimalism

The key to reaching the customers’ hearts is minimalism today, one thing that you can be sure about is with a solid background and a good typeface you can get a perfect logo design made. It is a well-documented and well-known fact that people are automatically attracted to minimalistic designs. The simpler the designs are the more the customers will be attracted to them. The more authentic and

Known those logos are the deeper the connection will be.

  1. Kooky Characters

Using aesthetic and cool characters can make or break your logo, the placement of character decides the overall logo and this is why you should be smart while placing it. Using humor can also add a touch of attraction for the customers; however, you should make sure the humor is in no way offensive to anybody. There has been a rise in the illustration in the logo designs as they are liked and appreciated by customers all over the world.

Follow one of these trends and your brand will be all set to shine!