6 Ways to Spot Sketchy Movie Streaming Sites 

Today, many websites are legitimate to stream shows and movies. But, others are not legal. Plus, today, the web has made paying to watch a movie or TV show optional. Digital pirates are on the increase in spreading copyright content. Yet, the creators do not pocket anything from it.

It is a misdemeanor offense, and if caught, you can receive charges of multiple serious crimes. Plus, illicit streaming sites present dangers to users. They host malware, flood your screen with ads and attempt to steal your personal information. So, it is best to stick to https://thepirateproxybay.com/ and other legit movie streaming sites.  Below are ways to spot illegal movie sites.

Kindergarten-level web design

An obvious clue is when the website design has a cluttered old look. Most illegal file sharers do not spend time designing an ideal website. If you compare with legitimate business sites, these suffer easy-to-spot errors. So, be on the lookout for such a giveaway.

Also, the pages that have graphics missing, the grammatical errors. Fonts are ugly, inconsistent, weird, and unreadable. In short, the site is unprofessional and fishy.

The domain address is weird

Illegal sites are digital counterfeits. Yet, they want you to think they are the real deal, yet they are cheap knockoffs. To check if you are dealing with an impostor. The name can be your first tell-tale sign. Check the domain name, and most if not all illicit sites are hosted in obscure locations and do not have a typical.com name that denotes the web’s more credible traffic.

Also, another clue is when the address is weird and too long, obviously showing you it is illegal. Therefore, you need to sharpen your internet scam-detecting skills before continuing to surf.

An explosion of Ads

Many, but not all illegal streaming sites do not charge users for movie streaming. Mainly because their money is not from the streaming service but from the many ads you see while you watch the ads. Still, some sites show their ad-based revenue scheme blatantly.

So, to gain more revenue, they flash banner graphics all over the page. Also, they pile on the pop-up and pop-under ads, among other distractions. Every time a user clicks on the Ads, the site operator receives some revenue. So, to spot a sketchy streaming site, it has less professional streaming and more obnoxious commercialism.

The ‘About Us’ page has disclaimers

If it is the first time for you on the site, do a bit of sleuthing. All official sites have information pages that explain how the service works. But sketchy sites, are different.

The help or about us link should be a guide explaining more about the site. But if a site says it hosts no materials and links to movies elsewhere on the web, this is a sign it is not a legitimate business. Avoid these sites as others even boost their illegal streams.

It has a case of missing link

Is the site you are streaming seem like you are playing the endless missing link game? It is a frustrating thing to do as you stream a movie. Since it seems you cannot find a link that plays the movie. For instance, you can find a movie title you want to watch. You click on it; it directs you to another page with another link.

You click the new link. It directs you to another page with more links to the same movie title. Unfortunately, this game does not end well, and it can get malware to your device and expose you more to hackers, for you get stuck in a loop of sites you do not want.

Your browser freaks out

Web browser designers update the security features of their software constantly. So, take the warning when your computer is trying to protect you from malware. When a site is deemed insecure due to a host of damaging malware or illegal material, your browser will stop the loading process and show a warning.

You can reverse the course or plunge into dangerous digital water at your peril. But, do not rely on the browser warning system only to protect you. Prevent user errors and avoid questionable sites when possible.