Alexa Having Trouble Understanding | How To Fix Alexa

Alexa is an amazon digital Voice Assistant. It can be used with amazon devices such as the amazon line of echo products. Alexa is capable of answering questions and telling you all sorts of information.

This involves traffic information, weather information, news reports, sports updates, and a lot more. Other than that, it is also capable of playing music, making calls, managing grocery lists, and even purchasing items from Amazon.

Alexa is a great feature; however, sometimes, you might face issues with Alexa. Is Alexa having trouble understanding you? Well, there might be a few reasons behind that. Have a look down below!

Why Is Alexa Having Errors

Now, if Alexa might not be able to understand you, there could be a few reasons behind that. The amazon echo device may be having trouble getting in contact with Amazon servers. Other than that, it could be possible that there is no internet in your router, or the wireless connection is facing issues

No matter what the reason might be, there are a couple of ways to solve this error when Alexa is having trouble understanding you.

  • Waiting For A Couple Of Hours And Trying Again

Trying Again

The reason why Alexa is having a hard time understating you could be because there might be some issues at Amazon’s end. Yes, Amazon is a vast network; however, there can be issues at their end at times.

To solve the problem, you need to wait for a few hours and then try again. Hopefully, Alexa will come back online when the issue is resolved on Amazon’s end. However, if the issue still hasn’t been resolved, you can try out another way to do so.

  • Unplugging The Echo Device And Plugin Get It Back In

Another thing you need to try out is unplugging the echo device and plugging it back in later on. At times, restarting a machine can do wonders. Ever restarted your internet modem when it doesn’t work? Or restart your phone when it is giving you a hard time?

Restarting devices can help to fix errors you might be facing within a device. Simply restart again and check out if the problem is solved or not.

Also, you do not have to worry about logging back in at all since that won’t be the case. The method is relatively easy and can solve your problem in just a couple of minutes!

  • System Update

Whenever there’s a new update, and you do not update it asap, your device starts giving you a hard time. The same case applies to phone mobiles and laptops as well. When it comes to solving the solution to “Sorry I’m Having Trouble Understanding Right Now”, this could be one of the major reasons.

You need to make sure to check the system for an update. However, this should be formed automatically, but it’s always okay to check it out if you have issues with Alexa.

This could help you in finding the solution to your problem. Now to check, simply speak Alexa, check for software updates and if there are any, start updating, if not, then you’re good.

  • Checking If Alexa Is Connected To The Internet

Now there could be a possibility that Alexa might not be working because Alexa having trouble connecting to the internet. You need to make sure to check out the issue and solve it. To check the internet connection, you need to do a couple of things.

  • Firstly, you need to go to the app. Here you need to tap on the hamburger icon you can see in the top left corner
  • Next, you need to click on settings, then device settings
  • Now you need to choose the device you’re using for Alexa
  • Here you can check if the device is connected to the internet or not. If it says device offline, it means it’s not connected
  • Now you need to connect it back to the internet

Now there could be a possibility that the WiFi router isn’t in reach of your device. This could be the reason behind it being disconnected again and again. You need to make sure to have an Internet connection that’s within reach of the device so that you do not face any connectivity issues.

  • Try Resetting Your Device

If you feel like all the stuff mentioned above didn’t work out for you, then you should consider resetting your device. You need to follow a bunch of instructions to do so.

Instructions vary for all sorts of echo devices, so make sure to have a look at them first. Reset your device, and hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

  • Amazon Support

Amazon Support

Lastly, if nothing seems to work, you should contact amazon support. You can even get a lot of information on their website. You can find your answer there. Or you can opt for chat help forums to get more information regarding the issue you are facing.

Amazon will be able to solve your issue back, making sure Alexa works on your amazon device again. Also, since Amazon is a huge company, it may take some time for them to get back to you. Stay patient and wait for their reply.


Why Is My Alexa Having Trouble Understanding?

This error usually occurs when there is an internet connection problem or your device has a system update. The amazon echo device may be having trouble getting in contact with Amazon servers.

What To Do If Alexa Is Having Trouble Understanding Right Now?

  • Restart your device.
  • Try again after some time.
  • Unplugging the echo device and plugin get it back in.
  • Contact Amazon Support
  • Check your internet connection.

What To Do If Alexa Can’t Understand My Accent?

To improve your device’s ability to recognize you should download Alexa on your phone. Then go to the Voice Training option in Settings and start reading, this is how your device will learn the way you speak.

Final Words

Alexa is a tremendous software. We’re so used to it in our day-to-day lives that it seems like it’s been there forever. You can quickly get loads of information with Alexa’s help without any issues in just a couple of seconds. However, is your Alexa having trouble understanding you?

Simply follow all the tips mentioned above, and things will work out for you. Make sure to follow the basics first and then move on to contacting the other ones that include amazon support and resetting your device. It could merely be an error that can be resolved quite easily.