12 Best Apps Like Mobdro || Mobdro Alternatives 2023

Mobdro is one of the most famous free entertainment apps worldwide with unlimited content. You can watch news, movies, music, sports, etc., on mobdro without charges.

Except for the versatility of programs, you can watch the shows in different languages on mobdro. Moreover, this app is extremely easy and safe because you don’t have to log in to the account.

However, now this app is not working anymore. Due to some legal issues, the European Union has arrested the owners of mobdro and permanently shut down this entertainment app.

The users of mobdro start searching for alternatives that provide the same features and entertainment.

The best alternatives of mobdro apps are Sling TV, Youtube TV, pluto TV, AOs tv, and many more. You can use these apps on any device you have in your home.

In this article, I’ll list some best Mobdro Alternatives. All these apps offer excellent features, and you will love to enjoy tv shows, movies, and sports on them.

Best Apps Like Mobdro

Here are the best alternatives for the mobdro app on which you can find your favorite channels, movies, news, and more.


Apps Like Mobdro

The best alternative to the mobdro app is AOS tv. It offers over 1000 live channels on which you can watch your favorite sport, news, drama, movies, cartoons, and many more.

Unlike other live apps, AOS tv allows the user to search any channel worldwide without interruption and monthly payment.

This app is easy and safe to use as it takes good care of the user’s privacy. Besides that, while searching for a channel, it provides multiple links. So you can switch to another link if any of those links are not working correctly.

Live Net TV

Apps Like Mobdro

Live net tv is a fantastic app that is used worldwide. You don’t have to pay monthly for sign-ups and app purchasing.

On live net tv, you can watch 800 different channels with different categories such as entertainment, cooking, sports, news, etc.

The best thing about live net tv is that it adds new channels and links daily. It is a safe and user-friendly app. Moreover, unlike mobdro, you can also add your favorite channels to live net tv.

Pluto TV

Apps Like Mobdro

Another excellent replacement for mobdro apps is pluto Tv. You can get pluto tv from Google, Amazon, or the apple store.

In recent years, pluto TV’s popularity has increased dramatically because it is legal and offers tons of live channels.

This app is 100% free, so you don’t have to worry about monthly subscriptions and payments. Besides, that, pluto tv works with streaming devices like Chromecast, amazon fire, Roku, etc.

Users find pluto TV irritating because it is ad-supported, so you must tolerate commercials while watching your favorite movie, drama, or sport.

Swift Streams

Another promising app like mobdro is swift streams. On this app, you can watch more than seven hundred channels from different countries. It means you can enjoy various international shows easily on this app.

Like other live apps, swift stream is a pre-registration, subscription, and payment-free app. This app works well with other streaming devices like Chromecast, amazon fire tv, etc., without additional charges.

You can watch any of your favorite programs in different languages on swift streams. However, unlike mobdro, swift stream is an ad-supported app.

TV Catchup

Apps Like Mobdro

Tv catchup is an excellent Uk based live-streaming app that you can use as an alternative to mobdro. In tv catch-up, you can watch plenty of tv channels that include news, sports, cartoons, music, etc.

This app is extremely convenient to use. Besides tv, you can use it on your phone while doing any of your daily work for watching your favorite show.

Tv catchup is a fantastic live app that works without subscription or monthly charges.

Sling TV

Sling Tv is a good streaming app for watching live content. This app offers 200 live tv channels, including sports, kids’ tv, movies, music, and drama.

You can install this app on multiple devices easily. Moreover, it is free, and you can enjoy your favorite shows without disturbance.

Sling tv is a legal streaming app that you can download from the google play store and apple store. Due to its uniqueness, this app is top-rated in the USA.

Suppose you like this app after utilizing it for months. In that case, you can unlock more amazing features after getting their paid membership.


Another popular entertainment app like mobdro that you will love to use is Kodi. You can use this app for watching videos, listening to music, podcasts, and many more.

Except for music, this allows you to watch your favorite tv shows and movies. In addition, it offers you more than 1400 channels.

Kodi is a free app, so you don’t have to pay to watch your favorite shows and movies.

This app is simple to install and use, which makes it a fantastic alternative to mobdro. You can download it from the google play store or apple store.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Suppose you are looking for an excellent alternative to mobdro. In that case, you should try peacock TV because it is a popular streaming app worldwide, especially in the US.

This app provides users with a great variety of content, including sports, drama, news, cooking, kids’ channels, etc. You can also watch the latest movies, podcasts, and shows.

The peacock TV is a free app, however, if you want to purchase the premium, you have to pay for it monthly. The good thing is the amount of subscriptions is not high, and you can afford it.

This app is legal and easy to operate. You can download this app on your devices from the android tv store or firestick.

TV Tap Pro

Tv tap pro is a fantastic mobdro alternative that allows users to enjoy their favorite content without hindrance. You can download this app from different app stores.

This app is completely legal and free to use. Moreover, it offers users more than 500 tv channels with different categories.

Tv tap pro has excellent quality. Another good thing about tv tap pro is there are no irritating commercials between the shows or movies.

Besides, you can search any of your favorite channels on this app worldwide.

Youtube TV

Youtube TV is one of the well-known apps available in the market. It was launched in 2017, and since then, its popularity has grown dramatically.

This app offers 70 plus channels that include various content such as music, sports, news, entertainment, movies, etc.

Unlike other mobdro alternatives, this app is not free, which means you have to spend some money to watch your favorite content on youtube tv.

Furthermore, youtube tv is a legal streaming app. You can download it from the google play store, apple store, or firestick. It is easy and safe to use as well.

Gear TV



Gear TV offers a wide variety of content for users with multiple categories. In addition, it is a free and legal app to use as an alternative to mobdro.

The unique feature of Gear Tv is that you can download your favorite shows or movies and watch them later. This app is high quality and provides good content to subscribers.

However, one irritating thing about Gear tv is the ads you must watch while enjoying a movie or any other show.

Tea TV

The last but not the least good alternative to the mobdro app is Tea tv. This app has fast streaming and excellent quality.

Like other apps, Tea tv offers a great variety of channels, including music, movies, tv shows, drama, and many more.

Tea tv is a free app, so you don’t have to stress about the charges. A good thing about Tea tv is that it is not ad-supported, which means you can enjoy different programs without interruption. Besides that, you can download movies and shows to watch later.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is a favorite app worldwide on which you can watch movies, series, tv shows, sports, news, live channels, and many more. This is a simple application that is easy and safe to use. Moreover, mobdro is a free app, so you don’t have to worry about payment. However, if you want to enjoy more features of this app, you have to pay a little money for that.

What is the best alternative for mobdro?

Mobdro was a popular free streaming app that was extremely easy to use. You can watch movies, sports, tv shows, etc., in multiple languages on mobdro.

Unfortunately, due to some complications, the app was shut down permanently. To compensate for this loss of users, several decent alternatives like AOS tv, Pluto tv, sling TV, etc., come into the market offering the same features as mobdro.

Is Mobdro safe to use?

Yes, mobdro is a safe and secure app for users. The developers of mobdro have made this app perfectly well, so you don’t have to face technical problems like other apps.

How can you get the Mobdro app?

The Mobdro app is easy and safe to operate. It is available for almost all types of devices that you use. Search the app and click the download button to get a mobdro app on your device. If there is any problem with installation, you can read the manual for downloading the latest version of mobdro quickly on your device.

How to get rid of streaming and stuttering?

If you are facing a problem like slow streaming and stuttering, you should check your internet connection first. However, if the issue remains unsolved, you should consider changing your Wi-Fi connection to enjoy the app’s features.

Wrap up

In the above article, I have written about the best apps like mobdro. You can watch your favorite movies, tv shows, news, documentaries, sports, cooking shows, and much more on these apps.

As you know, the mobdro app is not working anymore, and people are searching for some good alternatives.

So, I have enlisted some best live apps, such as Aos tv, pluto tv, youtube tv, sling tv, etc., that you can use as an alternative.

These apps are easy and safe to use. You can use them without any subscription or charges. You can also get their paid membership at an affordable fee if you want to enjoy some unique features.

After selecting and using any alternative apps above, share your experience with us in the comment section. Furthermore, if you have any queries, let us know by commenting on the article.