Digital Execution – The Key to A Successful Digital Strategy

In this world of constantly fast-changing technology, business owners and business enterprises suffer great disruption. This comes especially when a good plan of action had not been established. A company can gain a new shape in pursuit of extensive change that can meet the competition that is raised by other companies.

This calls for a steady digital transformation, which in many organizations might be very difficult to realize its objectives and face out the needs. As a business leader and IT expert, it’s high time you started digging into more than technology so that your customers can continuously receive services irrespective of the competition.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of bridging old business ideas, techniques, culture, marketing, and customer experience to new ones by employing the wise use of digital technology. This ensures that whatever has been transformed meets and satisfies current and emerging market requirements.

All these activities can be lessened with one bullet- a good digital transformation strategy. This is a scheduled action plan outlining specifically the path that the intended business needs to take so as to thrive in the economy of digital business.

Domains of Digital Transformation

Dave Chaffey exhaustively outlines the domains of digital transformation and coins them as 5D’s in his book Digital Marketing: Strategy, Planning, and Implementation. These domains state the arenas that customers employ or use to associate with various brands. These domains include:

Digital platforms:

the customer-brand association here is mostly through common platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter among others.

Digital devices:

customers in many cases realize and learn more about a product or service on the internet via a connection in devices such as tablets, smartphones, desktops, iPods, televisions, and so forth.

Digital data:

these are information gathered from the clients as they interact with the business or service. Can include their profile and identity, which in many nations are protected by the law.

Digital media:

this arena is required as a conduit for communication that captures the attention of audiences. Adverts, emails, and messages may be used.

Digital technology:

These are technologies employed in the market for enhanced interaction between websites and phone applications.

Let us now see what is composed in a digital business.

Digital Business

For a competitive performance and operation in a digital economy, an organization that is innovative, well organized and, adaptable is needed. That’s what a digital business is all about. It does not rely on the existing business strategies, rather it comes up with new ones.

It identifies new and fresh possibilities around us that have not been exploited. In fact, such businesses can open up your mind to thinking that whatever exists around you can perfectly be channeled into a definitive success.

Digital businesses, take into consideration the problems of their customers and have designed solutions and thoughtful strategies for them. On top of that, these businesses have commanders who see it as their responsibility, the task of driving digital transformation and not any other person’s role. Not even the technologist.

The Digital Execution Prospect

Moving from obstacle A to B in a digital economy requires a strong and steady digital transformation strategy. That said, firms should strive to initiate changes that are technologically aligned. Therefore, what are the key steps to consider when executing a digital transformation? They can be named as people, portfolio, the process itself, and platform.


The people you include in your execution team matters a lot because the success of the execution itself will be determined by them. It will be unwise and arrogant to just choose the wrong people with the wrong skills simply because of their job titles. Needless to say, you will need to hierarchical sort of people needed.

These include, a program owner must be included. ‘Must’. Mark that word. For a well-established changed to occur and smooth-running program, a program owner has to be there. You will also need to include an architect who will help in creating a good foundation and infrastructure.

The marketed product must have its owner, as a team member. He is the one who is conversant with the type of business, product content, the targeted users, and of course the value the product will offer. Lastly, the application manager is essential at ensuring that the team remains intact and the transformation program succeeds.


In executing digital transformation, a successful application of development that is rapid is key. This requires that you clearly point out the desired projects and come up with a portfolio that ensures that your transformation is quick. This can be sometimes be referred to as ‘quick win’ which helps you in identifying the success.


Once you are at this stage, it means that your digital execution is on the right path to success. You might have already advanced your work methods and now you want to initiate the process of rapid development. There is a need that you also get to know how to develop a minimal viable product.


As an executioner, it is necessary that you have a platform that will facilitate your operations efficiently and accurately maximize the duration taken by a product to arrive at the market. It should also enhance unity and harmony between other partners.

What to Consider When Executing a Digital Transformation

Level of technology reception, adoption, and readiness of customers:

The digital transformation will have great success only when the employees are in harmony with one another and understand each other’s need for change. Their support when wavering will definitely kill the transformation.

Identify how the digital transformation will impact the firm:

Employee impact, customer impact, and firm impact are the three components of impact the transformation can have. Leaders who specifically, point out the impact that is felt, are more placed at making their digital execution a success.

Empower and train your employees to move on with the change:

Employees will feel cared for if you offer them thorough training for their understanding of the change. They will constantly support the transformation.


Transforming a company digitally to accept the desired and current technology in business may be a challenge. To execute this process successfully, you need to identify the domains of digital transformation, what is composed in the digital business, and the execution strategy. Provided that you have a well-established team, consider executing the digital transformation.