DSR Parkway Review – Reasons To Buy Property

I recently received a promotion in Bangalore and wanted to move my entire family there as soon as possible. As a result, I was looking for the ideal house while keeping my budget in mind. I successfully acquired information after devoting a significant amount of my time and energy to the task. It was a massive chase for apartments in Bangalore as I was passionately searching for the right residence, but I had no luck; we tried old fashioned way and the contemporary way; it was a waste of time, but one of my friends came to know about NoBroker site which was a life changer for us as we were capable of finding the DSR Parkway with the most elegant infrastructure and facilities. 

The new construction on 8.87 acres has a selection of units ranging from one to three bedrooms and one to three bathrooms (BHK). The pricing range for DSR Parkway price is very reasonable, starting at 54.44 lacs and going up to 1.36 crores. Because the construction of the building was so meticulously planned out and executed, each flat within the property strikes the perfect balance between a modern aesthetic and the conveniences of a traditional house. DSR Parkway reviews from other customers helped me understand and experience the apartment digitally, thanks to no broker. 

DSR Parkway Amenities that I Love

DSR Parkway is a luxurious apartment complex on 8.87 acres of land. Both the interior and exterior of the building have been thoughtfully designed and constructed to the highest standards to fulfill the needs of its occupiers. 

  • This apartment complex offers the finest health and fitness-related amenities, including a spa, a gym, and play areas for children. 
  • If there is an issue with the primary power source, this flat has a power backup and fire safety mechanisms built right in. 
  • The principles of the Vastu Shastra are adhered to in designing, laying out, and arranging the space within a property. 
  • They have a maintenance and housekeeping staff that is highly qualified and professionally trained. 
  • They offer indoor and outdoor games for players of all skill levels, allowing them to hone their abilities, have fun, and stay active throughout the day. 
  • They have a reliable safety system thanks to the presence of CCTV and a security service that is available around the clock. 
  • Additional initiatives include the construction of a park and a running track. 
  • They have visitor parking for people who are visiting, as well as premium parking for people who live there.

3 Reasons To Buy Property In DSR Parkway Project 

  1. DSR Parkway Amenities

Enjoy the finest amenities and facilities, including a well-equipped gym, swimming pool, parking space, garden, library, indoor and outdoor sports area, lift, community center, clubhouse, children’s play area, and more. This is open to all flat owners and renters as well. The interior and exterior amenities have been meticulously designed with some of the finest components to improve the whole experience of the residents. 

  1. DSR Parkway Location Benefit: 

The property’s proximity to key business hubs is one aspect that makes purchasing it worthwhile. With DSR Parkway as your home, you will be near the city’s tech nodes, educational and leisure centers, markets, and significant locations. The closest bus and train stations are Kodathi Bus Depot, 3.1 kilometers away, and Carmelaram, 1.2 kilometers away; other amenities include superior services. The hospital is 9 kilometers distant, while New Horizon Gurukul and Delhi Public School, Bangalore, are only 10 minutes away. 

  1. About DSR Group:

DSR Group, an innovative and industry-leading developer of outstanding real estate investments, has produced sturdy and spectacular housing properties for the past 32 years. DSR Group’s vision is supported by a genuine group of experts who endeavor to bring joy and splendor into the lives of each of its clients. The company plans several developments in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai to appeal to a wide range of consumers. The organization is moving forward into the future because its employees are dedicated professionals who care deeply about maintaining high-quality building standards.


My new house, DSR Parkway Residential, is close to my job and has several good schools and other well-built facilities that satisfy all my needs. This building’s architecture perfectly combines modern aesthetics and classic amenities, creating a stylish and comfortable apartment. When I was actively looking for properties in Bangalore, I realized that the best way to house hunt is to check verified listings on NoBroker.in. I would highly recommend that you finalize the projects, verify the information by checking NoBroker and then head to the project sites!