Dwarf Fortress How To Make Mugs – A Comprehensive Guide


Dwarf Fortress is a highly detailed and intricate simulation game that challenges players to manage a thriving colony of dwarves in a procedurally generated world. One of the many aspects of the game that players must master is crafting, and mugs are among the essential items that need to be crafted. Mugs play a crucial role in the daily lives of your dwarves, as they are used for drinking and socializing in taverns. This comprehensive guide will delve into making mugs in Dwarf Fortress, providing step-by-step instructions, tips, and insights to help players excel in this vital aspect of the game.

Step 1: Choose the Right Material

The first step in making mugs in Dwarf Fortress is selecting the appropriate material. Mugs can be crafted from various materials, including stone, wood, glass, and clay. Each material has unique properties and advantages, so choosing the one that best suits your colony’s needs and resources is essential.

Stone: Stone mugs are durable and readily available, as the stone is abundant in most game worlds. You will need Mason’s workshop and a skilled Mason to create stone mugs.

Wood: Wooden mugs are lightweight and easy to craft, making them an excellent choice for colonies with ample wood supplies. You will need a Carpenter’s workshop and a skilled Carpenter to create wooden mugs.

Glass: Glass mugs are elegant and valuable but require more resources and skill to create. To make glass mugs, you will need a Glass Furnace, a skilled Glassmaker, and access to sand or glass materials.

Clay: Clay mugs are versatile and can be crafted with relative ease. You will need a Craftsdwarf’s workshop, a skilled Potter, and access to clay to create clay mugs.

Step 2: Set Up the Appropriate Workshop

Once you have chosen the material for your mugs, you must set up the appropriate workshop to craft them. Each material requires a specific workshop, as mentioned above. To build a workshop, press “b” to access the building menu, then “w” for workshops, and select the desired workshop type. Place the workshop in a suitable location within your fortress, ensuring that it has access to the necessary resources.

Step 3: Assign a Skilled Dwarf to the Task

To ensure the successful crafting of mugs, you must assign a skilled dwarf to the task. To do this, access the “u” menu to view your dwarves’ list, and select a dwarf with the appropriate skill for the chosen material (Mason, Carpenter, Glassmaker, or Potter). Press “p” to access the dwarf’s preferences, then “l” for labor, and enable the relevant skill. This will assign the dwarf to the task of crafting mugs in the designated workshop.

Step 4: Queue the Mug-Making Task

With the workshop set up and a skilled dwarf assigned to the task, you can now queue the mug-making task. To do this, press “q” to access the query menu, then hover over the workshop and press “a” to add a new task. Select “Make Mug” from the list of available tasks, and choose the desired quantity. Your assigned dwarf will now begin crafting mugs in the workshop.

Step 5: Monitor the Mug-Making Process

As your dwarf crafts mugs, monitoring the process to ensure everything is running smoothly is essential. Keep an eye on your raw materials stockpile to ensure you have enough to continue crafting mugs. Additionally, watch for issues such as a lack of fuel for the workshop or a dwarf becoming injured or unhappy. Address any problems promptly to keep the mug-making process running smoothly.

Step 6: Store and Distribute the Mugs

Once your mugs have been crafted, they must be stored and distributed throughout your fortress. To do this, create a stockpile near your workshop by pressing “p” and selecting “Furniture/Finished Goods.” This will allow your dwarves to store the completed mugs organizationally. Next, ensure that your taverns and dining rooms have sufficient mugs for your dwarves to use. To do this, press “q” and hover over the tavern or dining room, then press “r” to assign the desired number of mugs.

Dwarf Fortress How To Make Mugs

Tips for Success

1. Plan ahead: Ensure that you have a steady supply of raw materials and fuel for your workshop to avoid delays in the mug-making process.

2. Train your dwarves: Encourage your dwarves to practice their crafting skills by assigning them to create other items, such as crafts or furniture. This will help them become more skilled and efficient at making mugs.

3. Optimize your workshop layout: Place your workshop near your raw material stockpiles and fuel sources to minimize travel time for your dwarves and increase efficiency.

4. Keep your dwarves happy: Ensure that your dwarves have access to food, drink, and leisure activities to keep them content and productive.


Mastering mug-making in Dwarf Fortress is an essential skill for any aspiring overseer. By following the steps outlined in this guide and implementing the tips provided, players can create high-quality mugs for their dwarves and ensure the success of their colony. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, mastering mug-making will help you thrive in the challenging and immersive world of Dwarf Fortress.