Essential Warzone Tactics: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you interested in games featuring intense warzone battleground survival and gunplay that take you on a thrilling journey? If Yes, then Call of Duty Warzone game is the ideal choice for you due to its exciting gameplay, thrilling mechanics, Battlezone arena, and fast-paced FPS gunplay. It is a free-to-play battle royale game with 30 million plus experienced players. Due to such a huge player base, the competition is also high. In that situation, if you are a beginner, knowing the intricacies and essential warzone tactics is crucial to surviving in the game and competing against experienced players. Having complete knowledge of the game helps you decide where to land, which tools to use, which strategies to apply, and how to unlock weapons faster. This blog will discuss some of the best tips and strategies to succeed in this warzone game.

Study the Map – Safe Zone and Circles

Just like many other battle games, COD Warzone follows the format of dropping an array of different players from the parachute. There are around 150 warzone lobbies and a big battleground with multiple areas of interest for loot. Therefore, study and learn the layout of the map and identify the areas of high loot. Besides that, find the shrinking gas circle and safe zones. When the map shrinks, the circle splits into small circles before merging into one big one. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep an eye on those circles and avoid getting stuck near the gas.

Choose a Good Landing Spot

When you decide to land, bring the map to the screen, check the locations, and choose landing spots away from the flight’s direct line path. Initially, it’s important to land in a less crowded place. This helps you gather initial tools and weapons to survive the game longer and increase your chances of winning. On the other hand, if you land in hot zones where most people land, there are high chances of early fights and confrontations without powerful weapons. If you want to learn and play the game like a professional, it’s best to contact a COD Warzone coach, as he can guide you in-depth about the game and enlighten you with advanced strategies to win this warzone game.

Communicate and Use the Ping system.

Communication with your teammates is the key in warzone games when playing in teams. Opt for voice chat using a mic, or choose the game’s ping system. The ping system is perfect for players who cannot communicate with their teammates using voice chat or if the teammates are strangers. Using a ping system, you can ping weapons to help your teammates, alert your team about nearby enemies, point the vehicles or points of interest, etc. Communicating efficiently and playing as a team is important to winning the game.

Loot Efficiently

Loot is the most crucial part of battle games as you can access powerful tools, weapons, armor, etc., during loots, which increase your survival and help fight enemies and save your team. In the Call of Duty warzone game, prioritize weapons, armor plates, and other essential items, including valuable tools. Also, pay attention to the color of loot rates for better-quality tools and weapons. Find the supply boxes and loose items lying on the ground or enroll in loot caches that need you to locate and open the loot box. Ensure you have lethal primary and secondary weapons to survive in the game.

Don’t Hold Your Cash

You will earn cash for completing contracts and surfing around in the game. Holding the cash longer is not suggested in this battle game, as there are no bonuses. It’s beneficial to spend it to buy stations and purchase valuable things like UAVs, armor plates, and powerful weapons. Purchasing UAVs is the best decision as it can help you easily defeat your enemy in a gunfight. However, holding $4500 is essential to buy a self-revive kit to fight in one-on-one Gulag fights to return to the game.

Exploit the Gulag

There is a myth that you are out of the warzone game as soon as you die. The reality is that you can resurrect yourself and rejoin the game with the help of Gulag. Gulag is where you will be sent when you die for the first time in the game. It’s a jail where you will indulge in a one-on-one fight with someone who dies in the same match before you. You have to win that fight to get a free reentry in the same game and continue from where you have died. If you lose the game, you will remain dead until your teammate purchases a deployment to bring you back into the game.

Pick up Contracts

Contracts are a great way to earn cash and loot for the match. You can see green phone icons on the map. These contract points include Bounty, Safecracker, Secure Intel, and Most Wanted. Among them, bounties are the most popular choice among the players as you get enough time to find and eliminate the person marked on the map. Safecracker is the second option, which is highly rewarding but risky. You will get the contract of three safes that you have to blast and open. It allows you to get the loot haul, including cash, killstreaks, etc. Secure Intel is the third one, which requires you to stay in the location where data is uploaded and put it in a vulnerable spot. The last one is Most Wanted, which is the riskiest one. In this, you are the one who gets marked on every player’s map for three minutes. You aim to protect yourself for those three minutes, earning high rewards like cash and the power to revive dead teammates.

Stock up on the Right Supplies

No matter how well you play, the chances of surviving and winning are low if you don’t have the right weapons. Therefore, stock up on the right supplies, including a Durable Gas Mask, Heartbeat Sensors, a UAV, health items, a Self-Revive Kit, and plenty of ammo and shields. Having a stock of these items allows you to play a strong game, face opponents confidently, and perform like a warrior on the battlefield.


This guide has discussed the essential tips and strategies to play COD warzone games in the best way possible. From landing at the right place to stocking up on the right supplies, these strategies help you survive in the game longer, coordinate with your team, show your gaming skills, and win like a warrior. However, if you aim to play the game professionally and even earn money by live streaming, hiring a COD Warzone coach who can educate you on this game’s advanced tricks and strategies is better.