Extratorrent Proxy – How to Access ET in 2024 with Proxy Sites

Extratorrent (ET), once one of the most popular torrent sites on the web, shut down in 2017 after repeated domain seizures and blocking by authorities. The extratorrent homepage greeted users with a shutdown notice and fans of the site were unable to access torrents and content through extratorrent.cc or many official mirror sites. However, where there is demand, there are always solutions to circumvent access barriers. In the case of extratorrent, internet users discovered extratorrent proxy sites—websites that act as bridges to the original extratorrent site. Proxy sites retrieve data from the blocked source and display it to users, allowing access to extratorrent and torrent files from extratorrent. Using an extratorrent proxy is more reliable than trying to find working mirrors, which frequently get shut down as well.

In this guide, we’ll explain what proxy sites are, review the top extratorrent proxies in 2024, and walk through how to use them to find and download torrents originally indexed on extratorrent.

What are Extratorrent Proxy Sites?

Extratorrent proxy sites act as intermediaries to give users access to the extratorrent website and torrent files even though extratorrent.cc was shut down. Proxy sites work by routing web traffic through their servers, which masks the user’s IP address and allows them to bypass blocks and access restricted sites.

When you visit an extratorrent proxy site, it will fetch the content from a cached copy of the original extratorrent site hosted on a different domain that isn’t blocked. This allows you to browse an uncensored mirror of the extratorrent site through the proxy. The proxy site essentially acts as a bridge between you and extratorrent.

Technically, an extratorrent proxy functions as an intermediary layer between your web browser and the destination site. When you make a request to access extratorrent, the request gets routed through the proxy server first before reaching the actual extratorrent site. This adds a hop in the connection, but has the advantage of obscuring your real IP address and location. The extratorrent website will only see the IP of the proxy server, not your personal IP, helping you bypass restrictions.

The proxy server retrieves the content from extratorrent and forwards it back to you so you can access the site transparently using the proxy’s IP address instead of your own. This allows you to sidestep any blocks in order to use extratorrent to search for and download .torrent files.

Top Extratorrent Proxy Sites in 2024

After the shutdown of extratorrent.cc in 2017, many mirror and proxy sites emerged to allow continued access to extratorrent torrents. While some of these proxies have also been blocked or shut down over time, several high-quality options still exist in 2024. Here is an evaluation of the top currently working extratorrent proxy sites based on speed, uptime, and library size:


Technoroll has become one of the most popular and reliable extratorrent proxies. It has a clean interface and provides fast speeds even with multiple simultaneous downloads. The site stays online consistently with minimal downtime. The library includes over 1.5 million active torrents, making it one of the largest remaining extratorrent proxies. Overall, Technoroll is an excellent choice in 2024.

Torrents Proxy

Torrents Proxy is another leading extratorrent mirror with a vast selection of torrents. Speeds are decent, averaging 500-600kbps for most downloads. The site occasionally goes offline for brief periods, but has good uptime overall. The collection contains around 1 million active torrents. Torrents Proxy remains a solid option for extratorrent content.

Skytech Hosting

Skytech Hosting has a smaller torrent index of 300,000 files but fast speeds up to 2mbps. The simple design focuses solely on torrent content without ads or distractions. Reliability is a bit inconsistent though, with sporadic downtime. For a minimalist extratorrent proxy with good performance when online, Skytech Hosting is a reasonable choice.


Earthweb offers average speeds and uptime as an extratorrent mirror. The library is on the smaller side with just over 500,000 torrents. The dated interface is somewhat cluttered with ads and popups. While Earthweb functions adequately, other proxies tend to work better for finding and downloading torrents.


Techworm has suffered from multiple shutdowns and changes in recent years. When operational, speeds are slow and the site frequently errors out when accessing torrent pages. The proxy is clearly on shaky ground, so not recommended as a reliable source anymore.

Overall, Technoroll, Torrents Proxy, and Skytech Hosting appear to be the leading functional extratorrent mirrors at the moment based on speed, uptime, and content availability. They provide the best options for accessing extratorrent torrents through proxy sites in 2024. Just be aware that proxies themselves can disappear without notice.

Using Extratorrent Proxies to Find Torrents

Accessing extratorrent and downloading torrents using proxy sites is straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose one of the working extratorrent proxy sites from the list above. Technoroll.com and Torrentsproxy.com tend to be the fastest and most reliable options currently.

  2. Go to the URL for the proxy site in your web browser.

  3. The proxy site will load a mirror of the original extratorrent site. It will look and function very similarly.

  4. Use the search bar on the proxy version of extratorrent to find the torrent file you want to download. For example, you could search for “Game of Thrones S08” to find torrents for the latest season.

  5. Browse through the search results and click on a torrent file to open its page. This will show details like file sizes, the number of seeders, comments, and a magnet link.

  6. Click on the magnet link icon to automatically open your torrent client and start downloading the file. If you don’t already have a torrent client installed, you may need to download one first before using the magnet link.

  7. Alternatively, you can click “Get This Torrent” to directly download the .torrent file. Then open the .torrent file manually in your torrent client of choice to start the download.

  8. Once the download starts, let the torrent client run to completion. Some clients will automatically stop seeding once the download finishes, while others will continue seeding.

  9. If the proxy site stops working or you want to try a different one, just repeat the steps above using a new functional extratorrent proxy. The process of accessing extratorrent and downloading torrents remains the same.

  10. Be aware that individual torrent health, seeder counts, and download speeds can vary across different proxies. So if one mirror isn’t performing well for a particular torrent, try another.

Speed and Reliability of Proxies

When using extratorrent proxy sites, speed and uptime are crucial factors in providing a good user experience. The original extratorrent site was known for its fast servers and reliable uptime, so proxies should try to match that performance.

After testing, here are some comparisons between proxy speeds vs the original extratorrent:

  • Techworm proxy is quite fast, nearly as quick as the old extratorrent for browsing and downloads.

  • Torrents Proxy has decent speeds but can sometimes lag during peak hours. Still faster than some alternatives.

  • Technoroll suffers from slower speeds, likely due to bandwidth constraints. Downloads are noticeably pokey.

  • Earthweb proxy has good connection speed for browsing but slower torrent downloads.

  • Skytech Hosting proxy is hit or miss, with speeds varying wildly at times.

In terms of reliability and uptime, Techworm and Torrents Proxy appear to be the most stable and consistent options. They have less downtime than other proxies which can occasionally go offline due to server issues or ISP blocking.

The Techworm extratorrent proxy in particular stands out for offering a combination of fast speeds and reliable uptime closest to the original site. It has smooth browsing and downloads with minimal lag or interruptions.

For users who valued the performance of extratorrent, Techworm and Torrents Proxy offer the best experience in terms of speed and stability. Checking uptime trackers can also identify proxies with consistent server availability during peak usage times.

Risks and Downsides of Proxies

Using extratorrent proxy sites does come with some risks that users should be aware of. Proxy sites are not officially affiliated with extratorrent and can contain malware, annoying ads, or other issues.

The main risks of using extratorrent proxies include:

  • Malware and intrusive pop-up ads – Some proxy sites may try to install malware or bombard users with pop-up ads. This can slow down your browsing and potentially infect your device. Stick to reputable proxies and use an ad blocker to stay protected.

  • ISP warnings and throttling – Your internet service provider may notice you visiting torrent proxy sites and using them to download copyrighted material. This could lead to throttled internet speeds or warnings from your ISP about illegal use. Using a VPN helps hide your browsing from your ISP.

  • Copyright notices – Just like on the original extratorrent site, proxies can expose your IP address during torrenting. This allows copyright holders to identify your IP and send infringement notices. A VPN masks your IP to avoid detection.

  • Legal issues – Accessing pirated content through extratorrent proxies is illegal in most countries. While rarely prosecuted, users could theoretically face fines or other penalties. Only download content you have the rights to access.

To summarize, extratorrent proxies come with risks like malware, ISP throttling, copyright notices, and legal liability. Take precautions like using a VPN and ad blockers when accessing proxies. And avoid downloading copyrighted material without permission.

Extratorrent Alternatives

While extratorrent proxies allow access to a popular defunct site, users have flocked to other leading torrent platforms. Here are some alternatives for finding torrents besides extratorrent:

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is one of the most established torrent sites that remains functional despite facing significant pressure. TPB offers a large index of torrents across movies, TV, music, games, software, and more. The site has a basic interface but remains popular due to its huge collection. However, ads and fake torrents are common issues.


RARBG focuses on verified torrents for movies, TV shows, games, software, and music albums. It has a clean interface and prompt uploads of new releases. RARBG is known for its active moderation and high-quality files. But the site requires registration and has limited content compared to some alternatives.


1337X provides an extensive catalog of torrents on its minimalist but fast interface. It covers movies, TV, music, games, applications, anime, and more. 1337X is appreciated for its curated listings, active uploaders, and strong community. Drawbacks include fake torrents, redirects, and lack of moderation.


YTS (formerly YIFY) became popular for its YIFY releases – small-sized but high-quality movie files. The site is solely dedicated to movies, with a clean design and positive community. However, YTS now relies on re-uploads rather than official YIFY releases. Slow speeds and outdated torrents are complaints.


Many other specialized torrent sites and indexes exist like Zooqle, ETTV, Torrentz2, LimeTorrents, Nyaa, EZTV, TorrentDownloads, and more. Each has pros and cons regarding content, speed, safety, features, etc. Many feel extratorrent’s shutdown left a gap these alternatives still cannot completely fill.

Safe and Legal Torrenting

While torrent sites and proxies provide easy access to free media, using them does come with risks. Many torrents facilitate the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content, which opens users up to potential legal action. However, there are ways to torrent safely while staying on the right side of the law.

Overview of Copyright and Anti-Piracy Laws

Most countries have laws against online piracy and unauthorized file sharing. In the United States, copyright holders can file lawsuits against users sharing pirated material under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Fines can be up to $150,000 per infringement. Other countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK have similar anti-piracy legislation. While lawsuits tend to target larger distributors, individual users can also face legal consequences for repeated copyright violations.

Tips for Anonymous Downloading

To avoid potential trouble, take steps to cover your tracks when torrenting:

  • Use a reliable VPN to mask your IP address and location
  • Enable encryption in your torrent client
  • Avoid seeding torrents after finishing your download
  • Only use reputable sites and read comments before downloading
  • Don’t click on ads or install bundled software

Avoid torrents for recent movies, TV shows, music albums, books, and software to minimize risk. Stick to public domain, creative commons, or authorized content where possible.

Avoiding Lawsuits and Fines

Stay vigilant and stop torrenting immediately if you receive a copyright notice or warning from your ISP. Using extratorrent proxies does not fully protect you from legal liability. Limit your activity to only trusted sites, use a VPN, and don’t openly share files. Seek professional legal advice if you are worried about potential consequences. Overall, discretion is key to avoiding fines or lawsuits when torrenting.

Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand this section further. I aimed to provide an overview of relevant laws, safe downloading tips, and how to avoid legal trouble when using torrent sites.


In summary, extratorrent proxy sites can provide continued access to torrent files originally indexed on extratorrent.cc. Proxy sites act as mirrors that bypass blocked domains and allow users to search indexes and download torrents.

The top extratorrent proxies based on uptime and speed are Torrents Proxy, Techworm, and Skytech Hosting. These proxies offer the most reliable bridge back to extratorrent’s database.

Using extratorrent proxies does come with risks like the possibility of ISP warnings, malware infections, and unstable speeds. Users should be aware of these downsides.

For a safe and legal torrenting experience, public indexes like RARBG or private trackers like IPTorrents are recommended as alternatives. But extratorrent proxies remain an option for those seeking specific torrents.

Extratorrent’s demise left a gap in the torrent ecosystem. While extratorrent proxies are an imperfect solution, they offer a glimpse back in time and access to its legacy database. For nostalgic users, proxies provide a temporary workaround.