Find Viral and Trending Audio to Boost your Reach: A Step-By-Step Guide

The rise of social media platforms has made music an integral part of short video content. It helps content creators stand out in the online crowd. Viral and trending audio with visual esthetics in your reels can help you catch a viewer’s attention instantly. People love to share eye-catching reels with their friends, which can earn you more impressions and views. 

You have come to the right place if you also want to stay ahead of the curve and follow the latest trends. Today, we will show you how to find viral and trending audio to boost your reach with a step-by-step guide.      

How to Know What Kind of Audio We Should Use in Our Reel?

You should always aim for audio that compliments your content. Try using audio clips that relate to your content. Using trending audio helps you get discovered in the Explore and Reel tabs of Instagram quickly. It enhances your reach and boosts your reel’s engagement. Instagram prefers reels that have original audio and visually appealing content. 

You can also record your own voiceover in your reels after enhancing its audio quality and removing the background noise. However, it’s optional to go with the trends and follow viral and trending audio. You can also be a trendsetter by experimenting with your content. They can also rank in Instagram’s SEO if your reels have virality potential.

Benefits of Using Trending Audio in IG Reels

A song or sound that is trending suggests that its popularity is rising. You can also download Instagram reels from with trending audio and make your own reels by extracting audio. Following are some benefits of using viral and trending audio in your IG reels. 

  • Trending audio is always known by the viewers. When you use viral audio in your reels, it helps your followers engage better with your content. 
  • People often click on your profile after getting impressed with any one of your reels. By giving you a follow, they can check out your reels. It helps you enhance your fan following. 
  • People sharing your reels with their friends, remixing with them, or using your audio in their reels helps you boost your reach.
  • Using audio that is trending has more potential for going viral. Trending songs are already popular among the public, so they garner more attention toward your IG reels.
  • Trending audio gives Instagram algorithms a signal that this reel is going to perform well, leading the IG algorithm to show your reel to more users.      

How to find Trending Songs for Reels?

Instagram has made it much easier to detect which audio track is going viral by showing a little arrow beside the song title. That arrow indicates that this song is highly circulating on the platform. You can also spot any trending sounds on other social media platforms. 

Moreover, you can find viral and trending audio by scrolling for a few minutes through Instagram reels daily. Carefully notice which sound is consistently popping up in front of you every few minutes. Once you locate a trending audio clip, get your hands on it. Create your reel on this sound and step into the competition.  

Wrap Up

You can easily stay up-to-date with the leading trends by using trending and viral audio in your reels. However, using relevant hashtags at the end of your Instagram reels will also help you reach your target audience. Keep making great content because great content performs well and gets noticed quickly. Incorporate trending sounds into your IG reels to connect with a larger audience.  

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