14 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites For You In 2023

Since the rise of the global pandemic (Covid-19) in the last year, technology usage has increased at a higher rate. Whether in the education sector, shopping, or even the entertainment industry, online platforms have recorded a remarkably rapid shift in online media.

Similarly, when we talk about sports, it was apparent to ban the crowd from enjoying live games in the stadium to prevent the risk of Covid-19 transmission. As a result, enjoying live sports became possible only in a single way which was live free sports streaming sites.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

In this article, we shall put something exciting about different sports streaming sites in front of you. So let us go for it and take a glance at those streaming sites.

Links To Sports Streaming Sites

Website Name
Website Link
ESPN SportsLink
Stream2Watch SportsLink
Boss Cast SportsLink
CricFree SportsLink
Hotstar SportsLink
Fox Sports GoLink
Stream SpCBS SportsortsLink
Stream SportsLink
LiveScore StreamingLink
SportLemons StreamingLink
VIPRow SportsLink
ITV Sports SiteLink
LiveTV SportsLink
PTV Sports LiveLink

Free Sports Streaming Sites

All the sports games, including Cricket, Football, Tennis, Baseball, Bike Racing, etc., are being streamed live for public convenience as there are many sports streaming sites for you all over the internet.

Some are paid, and others are free of cost to watch. Do you think it is fantastic to pay to watch live sports games? Anyone would deny this.

ESPN Sports:

ESPN Sports is among the internet’s best free sports streaming sites in 2022. It features a wide range of sports games for the people who adore watching them live.

These popular sports include hockey, football, tennis, golf, etc. The best thing about ESPN Sports is that these live-streaming sports games are all free to capture.

ESPN Sports

However, some sports are not free as they need a subscription to proceed. Another advantage that ESPN Sports streaming provides is its mobile application.

You can access and watch your favorite sports game on your palm. You must create an account on the ESPN Sports Streaming site and enjoy different live games.

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Stream2Watch Sports:

The Stream2Watch platform is a stunning sports streaming site. It serves a variety of live sports games. Through the Stream2Watch site, you can easily access his desired sports matches for free. In addition, you can play sports games on this site, which seems to be an excellent add-on.

Stream2Watch Sports:

Another exciting fact about the Stream2Watch sports streaming site is that it provides links for many other live free sports streaming sites, so you could get more sources for watching your favorite live sports. Football, Rugby, Tennis, Baseball, etc., are the most prominent games this platform supports for free. The Stream2Watch Live Streaming site is a jumbo pack for sports lovers.

Boss Cast Sports:

Boss Cast Sports Streaming site cares for live sports admirers very much. So it comes up with a very healthy variety of different games played all across the world. So you can watch desirable live games like Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, and several other sports without paying a single penny.

Boss Cast Sports

Moreover, the thing that makes the Boss Cast Sports site demandable is that you can access other platform links through its official website. Besides having eminent advantages, one thing that can be irritable about the Boss Cast Sports Stream platform is that it denies access to live streaming when you do not have a flash player installed. Otherwise, we can consider it the best one.

CricFree Sports:

Are you fond of CricketCricket? Do you like to watch live-streaming cricket matches? Then, here is a highly excellent site for you. The CricFree Streaming platform is a unique live cricket streaming platform where you can watch all the matches and the highlights of the previously played games.

CricFree Sports

In addition, you can have detailed information about the statistics of all the matches that have been played worldwide. It also helps you find upcoming series, games, and tournaments to be played in the future.

Apart from cricket games, one can watch other popular sports’ live matches like Baseball, UFC, Motors, Boxing, Tennis, etc., for free.

Hotstar Sports:

One of the leading free streaming sites is Hotstar Sports. It is accessible to people living in Asia. It broadcasts a large number of different live sports games that you can watch for entirely no payment.

Hotstar Sports

When we talk about the best quality live streaming site in the Asian region, Hotstar Sports has the topmost position for streaming lovers. This is because the Hotstar Sports site offers many sports games in its streaming, including CricketCricket, football, hockey, baseball, tennis, etc.

As it is a geographically restricted site, you can access it by using a VPN from anywhere around the world and get benefits from the site for free.

Fox Sports Go:

Fox Sports Network features a site where you can easily watch live sports. It has been one of the most popular sports streaming sites for the past many years as people adore the streaming quality and attractive website design of the Fox Sports Go platform.

Fox Sports Go

This website lets you watch almost all the live sports matches, including cricket matches, rugby leagues, football matches, and much more, without any stress of paying money.

An exciting aspect of Fox Sports is that it is also available in mobile application software. So you can download the app from the store and enjoy your lovable sports games through your smartphone.

As the Fox Sports Network operates through a satellite, you must have a cable subscription to celebrate live games.

CBS Sports:

CBS Sports is another live stream site mainly focusing on games like Football, NFL, NHL, MMA, MLB, etc. In addition to the live match broadcast, the site also features news and reports in the form of words and videos on its platform. There is a simple step to utilize the CBS Sports site.

CBS Sports

You must register yourself and sign up on the platform’s account for free and enjoy the matches and games you adore. The CBS Sports platform is also available in the form of an android application that you can download for free on your mobile phone and access the live content by signing up with your credentials.

Moreover, highlights of different games, statistics, match results, and schedules add up, making this site a complete package for sports admirers.

Stream Sports:

Stream Sports, as the name implies, is another notable free sports streaming site aiming to accent all kinds of sports for the public. It includes Football, NBA, Basketball, Cricket, Swimming, and other popular sports played across the globe.

Stream Sports

By the end of the previous year, the Stream Sports streaming platform became restricted in certain parts of the world. But there is a solution, which is none other than using a VPN or proxy access to the website.

We can indeed consider Stream Sports as one of the best sports streaming sites as all of the live sports broadcasts are played on their own media player with an eye-catching HD display quality. What else do you need free of cost?

LiveScore Streaming:

The LiveScore Streaming website for sports was initially designed to let people know about scores and information about live matches of numerous games.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

As the platform gained popularity worldwide, LiveScore came up with the best live sports streaming for its enthusiasts. This was an excellent addition to the website. An extraordinary thing to be noticed about LiveScore Streaming is that all the material on the website could be easily accessible to the public. In against, the platform does not even charge a single penny.

The site’s live-streaming sports and games include Cricket, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, and far more.

SportLemons Streaming:

SportLemons is a sports streaming site that originated in the Asian region. This magnificent website lets you watch live and exclusive sports games while relaxing on your couch.

SportLemons Streaming

The video quality of this platform seems to be very fine, serving the much-needed HD video quality. In addition, you do not have to be annoyed by multiple ads that cause disturbance as the SportLemons streaming is ad-free. The offline feature adds to its robustness as you can download the matches in the offline playlist for viewing later.

The site is free of cost to utilize. You must create an account, search for the desired sports game, and get amused.

VIPRow Sports:

VIPRow is a website where you can enjoy live-streaming sports. The interface of the website is pleasing and extremely easy to use. You can search for your desired mark in the search bar given in the upper-right corner. The website streams game like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Handball, Baseball, Basketball, and many to count.

VIPRow Sports

Besides getting entertained with the live-streaming matches, you can even upload your videos onto the platform. The only exception that the website carries is the ad pop-ups.

This can be annoying, but this is not a thing to get worried about, as using ad blocks can prevent these unnecessary pop-ups.

ITV Sports Site:

One of the most responsive and the best cross-platform sports streaming website is the ITV Sports site. This site also contains live TV shows besides sports matches, which adds to its beauty. When focusing on sports, you can stream many live games like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Boxing, Athletes, NFL, NBA, and the list continues.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

The platform is highly user-friendly, which allows you to make an account for registration and use it without any other hindrance. Therefore, the ITV website can be considered the perfect video streaming companion for getting the utmost entertainment. You can also access the site on your android smartphone and even on Apple iPhones having iOS.

LiveTV Sports:

LiveTV Sports is an excellent site with attractive red, blue, and white color combinations that you would find fabulous. It focuses on live-streaming games, live scores, match results, summaries, previously played games and their stats, and current affairs regarding sports.

LiveTV Sports

It covers almost all sports and games that a person adores, including CricketCricket, football, rugby, basketball, and much more.

One of the best things to see on this site is that you do not need a sign-up credential to watch live stream matches.
It provides external links for streaming, so there may be some pop-up ad issues while you watch your favorite sport. Additionally, you can download the mobile app of LiveTV Sports for Android as well as iOS.

PTV Sports Live:

Are you living in the beautiful country of Pakistan and looking for a sports streaming site? Not to worry at all. Pakistan Tele-Vision, the oldest and first satellite channel in Pakistan, comes up with the best live sports streaming website, PTV Sports Live.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

This excellent website gives you easy access to live CricketCricket, football, tennis, snooker, etc. Furthermore, if you are a smartphone user, there is an android application for you that PTV Sports Channel features.


Watching live stream matches with friends and family has its pleasure. Through the above-discussed excellent sports streaming sites, you can get full of live and exclusive games to enjoy live sports at their peak.