How Much Can You Earn with YouTube Subscription

Your YouTube channel allows you to connect and communicate with your target audience. YouTubers use the platform as a primary income source or marketing channel to promote their products or services. If you plan to start a YouTube channel for active or passive income generation, you may have several questions on your mind, including “How much does YouTube pay per subscriber?” and “How Much Can You Earn with YouTube Subscription

You can even mark your place on a Forbes list by creating engaging, relevant, and exciting YouTube content. However, you may note that YouTube does not pay content creators for the content they upload.

Earn With YouTube

The number of subscribers that a YouTuber has does not directly impact their income generation. YouTube revenues from a video depend more on the number of views you get per video than on the number of subscribers you have.

However, your income will likely increase if you have many subscribers. The more the number of YouTube subscribers, the more views you are likely to generate from your videos. You can buy subscribers to get more views. For the time being, you can buy 1000 YouTube subscribers. Don’t forget to take service from the reputed growth service providers.

YouTubers generally generate up to $5 per thousand views. However, the rates may vary based on the advertiser. You can make up to $18 per 1000 views by working with advertisers who pay higher rates.

For example, a YouTuber who gets around twenty to thirty thousand views a day makes approximately $1500 per month. An average creator with a million subscribers could make an average of around $5500 per month. YouTubers also have the option to make revenues other than advertising revenues from YouTube.

Channel Memberships

Channel membership programs are arrangements where the subscriber pays a specific, agreed, recurring sum of money to the YouTuber every month. Subscribers get perks and benefits in return for the payment.

YouTube channel memberships cost around $5. Subscribers can upgrade their memberships to different tiers, and each tier gives the subscriber access to different perks. However, YouTube takes 30% of the profits you make from channel memberships.

Premium Revenue

The YouTube Premium revenue program allows YouTubers to benefit from secondary income sources. Subscribers can watch YouTube videos without advertisement interruptions by subscribing to YouTube premium. Video creators earn a higher amount per 1000 views based on the number of members that watch their content.

YouTube pays this money to the video creators at the beginning of each month. Additionally, the program also helps improve viewer engagement rates. You may note that video creators don’t need to pay to keep their content on YouTube premium.

Merchandise Sales

Several YouTubers sell and market their merchandise on YouTube. You can provide links to your merchandise on your watch pages. The higher the number of subscribers and viewers, the more products you are likely to sell.

You can market your product’s benefits, unique features, and other aspects through product description videos, unboxing videos, and tutorial videos. Several YouTubers also earn commissions and sponsorship fees from sponsored videos.

Final Thought

There is no sure answer to “how much does YouTube pay per subscriber?” Higher visibility rates and an increased number of subscribers can surely increase your YouTube revenues. You may use YouTube estimator tools and calculators to determine how much money you will earn with YouTube.