How To Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength For Free

Are you someone who’s thinking of ways to boost their cell phone signal strength for free? If yes, then you are in the right place. One must have a good cell phone signal straight. This makes it possible for one to use their phone without any difficulty.

You can make calls where you can hear the other person clearly and use the internet at a very fast speed if the signals are okay. However, if you’re someone who is using a hard time boosting their cell signal strength, then you should read below because this article is about How To Boost Cell Phone Signal.

Tips To Follow To Boost Your Cell Phone Signal

  • Checking Your Phone For Any Damages

The first thing you need to do is to check your phone for any damages. Now, we all end up dropping our phones, and then, right? This can lead to a poor signal connection. The reason behind this is that dropping your phone damages your internal antenna.

This ends up impacting the quality of the phone service. Make sure to take off your phone’s cover and have a look at its back. If you feel like there’s an issue, take it to a store to get it fixed. This will end up being quite convenient for you since It can fix the internal antenna problem, eventually boosting up your cell phone signal strength.

  • Switching To 3G From LTE In An Area With Poor Signals

If your phone shows a single bar of LTE, this means the signal there is very poor. These bars end up indicating a lot of stuff. This includes signal strength and quality.

Now if there’s a single bar of LTE, you need to consider switching to 3G for some time. 3G will work better in such an area and the signal strength will be better too as compared to LTE.

  • Installing A Cell Phone Signal Booster

Installing A Cell Phone Signal Booster

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to install a cell phone signal booster. A cell phone signal booster works amazingly.

  • It takes a weak outside signal and brings it inside (this includes your office, home, vehicle, etc.)
  • It amplifies it and broadcasts the signal where it is needed the most

This is one of the most highly recommended and preferred solutions when it comes to boosting up your cell phone signals. It is highly used in the USA and people simply love it due to how amazing and convenient it is.

  • Get A New Phone

If you are using a significantly older version of a phone, you need to get a new one. If your phone doesn’t support LTE and only supports 3G, this could be one of the reasons why the signal quality is so slow. The internal antenna is quite old, and To fix this, you need to upgrade to a new phone.

The new phone will provide a much better signal improving signal quality and reach. This enables a better voice call, better data connection, and whatnot. This is something you need to consider if you’re wondering how to boost cell signal strength for free.

  • Moving Closer To The Cellular Reception

The thing with phone signals is that the more the obstacles, the weaker will be the cellular reception. There are more structures between the signals from the cell, such as walls, windows, etc. The more the structures, the weaker will be the signals.

To fix this, you need to move closer to the cell tower. This can be done by opening up the window, going to the terrace, or other areas at your home where you feel like the signals are a lot better.

Finding the right place where you feel like the signals are better is not that hard. Simply make a call from the ground floor and then the first floor. Where do you feel like the signals are better, and there were no issues in the call? Choose the floor where you feel like the signals were better.

  • Make Sure To Keep Your Phone Charged

Keep Your Phone Charged

Another thing you need to make sure of is to keep your phone charged. The reason behind this is that whenever your phone is connected to the cell tower, it ends up taking a lot of battery. When your phone’s battery will be low, this will make it harder to locate the signal side, there will be less powerful. Try to save the battery of your phone. This can be done in a bunch of ways such as:

  • Make sure to turn off your Bluetooth when not in use
  • Lower your screen brightness when not using your phone
  • Make sure some apps that you do not need are not running in the background
  • Ensure your phone’s software is updated
  • Turn off push notifications of apps that are not important

In care, you are traveling, and your battery runs down, make sure to carry a power bank along. This can help out a lot.

  • Making Sure The Antenna Isn’t Blocked Out

Another thing you need to make sure of is that the antenna isn’t blocked out. Do you remember old phones that came with external antennas that helped in catching signals? These did wonders however, nowadays, phones come with internal antennas. These antennas look quite stylish and make it easier for you to carry your phone.

However, the thing with these phones is that certain ways can block out the antenna. One of these includes the angle you are holding the phone at.

If you’re holding it at a sideways angle, this will block out the antenna and will eventually make it harder for it gets in contact with the cell tower.

You need to make sure to hold your camera in an upright position; this prevents the antenna from blocking out. Also, make sure to keep your grip light. Trust me, these tips can do wonders for you!

  • Stay Away From Populated Areas

Stay Away From Populated Areas

In a highly-populated area, loads of people are using their phones in the same place. This makes the cell tower a bit too overwhelmed. This will eventually lead to lower signals, phones dropping, messages not going through, and the data not working. If you need to make an important call, make sure to move away from this area as it I’ll end up providing you with much better signals.

  • Reset Network Settings

Another thing you can do is improve the signals is to reset network settings. Take out your SIM card and install it back in. This could help you out in improving the signal quality being provided to you.

  • Get A New Sim

Get A New Sim

Moreover, another thing you can focus on is getting a new sim. Sometimes our old sims aren’t LTE enabled or just can’t seem to catch signals. You can opt for a new sim, and that will end up helping you with the matter.

  • Choose A New Carrier

If nothing seems to work, you can try switching to a new carrier. It’s possible the cell tower isn’t near the area of the carrier you are currently using. Opting for a new one would be the solution to that.

  • Fix ‘No Service’ Option

If there’s a ‘no service’ sign continuously shown on your phone, it’s best if you try fixing it. This can be done by following the steps mentioned down below:

  • Turn the airplane mode on and then off
  • Make sure your cellular data is on
  • View the data and time. Correct them if they are wrong
  • Try restarting your phone
  • Update your carrier settings on your phone
  • Remove the SIM card, now put it back in
  • Now reset the network settings
  • Next, reset all settings

Follow all these steps mad hopefully, the no service sign will disappear. Make sure to follow every step carefully since even missing out on one of them would not be sufficient. Have a look at each and everything. Hopefully, the sign will go away.

However, if nothing seems to work, then you may have to take your phone to your carrier branch. They may have a solution for you. Or there could be an issue with your phone as well so try fixing that as well

Wrapping It Up

Here is a complete guide regarding how to boost cell phone signal strength for free. All the methods mentioned above do work and can do wonders for your phone. The best is that they won’t cost you at all. You just need to follow every step, and your phone’s signals will eventually get better.

Boosting cell phone signals is not a hard task at all. All it requires is a little research, and you are good to go; that’s it! Follow all the steps, and hopefully, they will work out for you to boost your cell phone signals.