How to Get Views On TikTok? Tips on Algorithm of TikTok

Tiktok has taken over social media in recent times, and it’s one of the only apps which gained such significant popularity within such a short period. With over 1 billion downloads on androids, it became one of the most popular things.

Although there is a lot of hate regarding the app, there’s an even more significant population that loves the app, so you don’t have to worry about being judged. We are in a modern age and past those things, and it’s a fact that most of the online trends come from Tiktok.

The even bigger thing is that celebrities use this app to connect to their audience more and have a different kind of fanbase for themselves.

What’s more interesting is that ordinary people can gain fame and fortune quickly if they master the algorithm well. But how exactly can you do that? Well, there are several ways and different methods, and it all depends on what audience you want to attract, and what content you make.

But the basics of how to get views on Tiktok are the same, and if you follow them, you will surely get more views and gain fame to some extent. But first, let’s understand how the platform works and what people use it for.

Tiktok Is the Next Big Thing for The Generations – Tips on How to Get Views On TikTok

Tiktok has an audience of all generations; you can see older people dancing or sharing their moments within a small clip, or even young teenagers doing trends or just showing their talents. It has become a platform for sharing skills and connecting with people more than any other place.

The sites we have had before this were Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and had features that were made for sharing memories, and not so many daily activities. However, Tiktok allows you to share anything you want on the platform in an entertaining way.

But, how to get noticed on Tiktok and slowly get more views and popularity? Lucky for you, we will provide you with the necessary steps and some tips you need on how to get views on TikTok.

  • Set Up Your Profile 

First of all, don’t make a simple profile, be unique with your name. Don’t think small from the start, have a name you want people to know you as, whether it’s an alias or game name, or even a nickname.

Although there is an option to change your name, it may not be a good idea because you want people to get to your profile without having any problems. Suppose a site shows your clips or you are part of compilation videos on YouTube, if you change your name, people won’t be able to get to you through that, restricting the audience to come to you. So have a name that you love and be consistent with it.

  • Use the Benefit of Cross-Platforms.

In the current social media world, it has become easier to regulate audiences between different platforms. What’s better is that most sites allow you to link, or mention your other sites, which can make it easier for you if you already have an audience on Instagram or Snapchat.

Benefit of Cross-Platforms

Use the feature to your advantage and let the people know that you are active on all the things, and you provide content on each. People will get interested and follow you in places they use themselves.

  • Follow Trends

One of the most significant ways to get aboard the hype around the internet is to follow the trends present on Tiktok. If you make a video on an ongoing trend and follow it, you might get featured if you show uniqueness. Big pages and channels show the talents of others on their accounts, whether it’s in a compilation or something specific.

We admit that it’s hard to get featured or shown in a video, but there’s always a possibility, and if you have good looks, the right moves, and follow trends correctly, it becomes easier to get it.

  • Look Attractive Even In 5-Sec Videos.

A quick jump to initial popularity is mostly good looks. Many Tiktok stars we see are famous due to their looks from the start of videos. Although it’s not a necessity, it’s a big asset and a good thing to have.

People get attracted to you and follow you in all places just to see you, which is right for you, if you are comfortable with it, of course.

  • Use #Hashtags in Your Videos.

An excellent method to get on other people’s recommendations is by using hashtags, which work in the same way as Instagram or any other site. If people are interested in dance, and you use the hashtag #dance, then you are more likely to appear on their “for you” page.

It can attract the right and loyal audience towards you, and you won’t need to worry about losing them if you miss the daily uploads.

People love seeing talents, and if you use the power of hashtags correctly, you can dominate the Tiktok algorithm better than most. You will be more likely to stay on top or trending if you do things well.

  • Make Content Daily 

Stay persistent, and don’t miss daily uploads often, because there are people who make as many as 5-10 uploads daily, and prepare heavily for each. So, you need to show your dedication and work hard to stay on your high rank and be one of your favorites.

Daily uploads with correct hashtags can keep your different videos on top of your page for an entire day. If as many as 10-20 people see it and follow you, you can start growing from there, and the number will multiply for you as time goes by. So, don’t hesitate to show your talents so often.

  • Show Your Talents

The best answer to how to get views on TikTok is to show your talents, so people know what they can get from you. This can also help you realize what you should do with your profile and account, and give your page a theme.

Once you have a theme or a genre, people can easily find you on the search option or discover page. So, be sure to show your talents daily, and do things that your audience wants to see.

  • Be Unique and Different. 

Stay unique on the platform; don’t be like others. Many people think that the platform is only for dancing and jokes, but it’s more than that. There are doctors, writers, and even lawyers showing how they do work, or sharing information on the platform, and they have millions of followers. Yes, you will have to dance or do trends occasionally, but it won’t be your primary focus.

Be unique and different, so you can create your genre and influence people to follow you. This allows you to be others’ inspiration and gives you a better chance at collaborating with people and mixing both your talents for videos.

  • Collaborate with Others

Suppose you have 10k followers and you have a friend with 15-20k or around the same as yours. You can collaborate with them and share between both audiences; this allows more people to both of you and is beneficial to everyone involved.

You can collaborate with people who are either similar or different and create something even unique, which can interest people and make sure that you will get more audience from their side.

Many big Tiktok stars often collaborate with either other content creators, sometimes from other platforms, and even celebrities, which is somewhat beneficial to both parties.

  • Have Fun!

Have FunDon’t focus too much on followers and fame, and try your best to have as much fun as you can on the platform. When people see you genuinely dedicated to something for having fun, instead of money, they are more likely to take an interest in you.

Have fun in what you do, and don’t allow fame to take over you. Be original and be yourself, then you can stay consistent on the platform while being happy and contented with what you do.

Final Words

There are lots of different ways to get views on Tiktok, and some people show their talents and some copy others. It depends on what you want to become, but the best way in our opinion is to be original, so you don’t stay in others’ shadows and grow even more prominent than others someday.

Some 16-year-old people are dominating the Tiktok platform, not because they pay to get features, but because they follow trends, and have great talents. So, you can also be one of the tops if you follow the instructions well. Make sure to have a persona online, and an identity that makes you who you are so that people can recognize you.

Once people start seeing your talent and admire you, it becomes easier to get people to follow you. Because at that time, there will be hundreds of more people sharing your videos with others, and helping you grow even more.