How to Hack WiFi Password on Android?

It’s somewhat a fact that there is always a neighbor with a better internet connection than you, and maybe you have always wanted to get their password for getting back at them for parking in your spot, or for being noisy. However, is it really possible to hack into wi-fi devices? It requires a reaver application in order to work, and it’s considered the best solution to how to hack wifi password on android

Although hacking is illegal and shouldn’t be done, many people still try to hack things in a minimum way. Hacking your neighbor’s fast connection wi-fi, or trying to get a faster internet connection from a friend who won’t tell you his password, these are things people want to do, and some find ways, but this is no easy task.

People mostly have their wi-fi protected with a password, but they don’t feel the need to change it over and over. So, once you hack into their wi-fi, you can have a permanent wi-fi connection with no problems.

This method requires an android phone, and there are multiple ways to do it, but let’s understand how this process works and how to do it.

How to Hack WiFi Password on Android

How to Hack WiFi Password on Android?

Many people think it’s not possible to hack into their wi-fi, and don’t care much about it, but there is definitely away, and it is certainly not easy. Some researchers came with the idea of hacking wi-fi by letting the android get through hardware limitations and adding monitor mode.

The monitor mode allows the person to see the entire traffic on the network, but that’s not all. It can also be used to crack the WEP key on specific networks by capturing gathering data packets while in monitor mode.

To get the monitor mode on your android, you will need the Broadway chip which is added to most android devices, and then get the code from google code. Although to activate it, you will need to know the name of your chip, so you can get the correct code for it.

But all of this seems somewhat complicated, so, here are simpler and some easier-to-follow methods for how to hack wifi password on android.

Different Methods for How to Hack WiFi Password

One of the best features of android phones is their huge collection of downloadable apps, some of which are useful for hacking. The android apps community is gigantic, and it’s easy to find all kinds of apps. This list contains some of the methods for hacking wi-fi passwords with and without root.

[Without Root]

Wi-fi WPS WPA Tester App

This is considered one of the best tools when it comes to how to hack wifi passwords on android. With this tool, you can hack all nearby wi-fi devices with just a few clicks, the following steps are needed for this app to successfully hack wi-fi passwords.

Wi-fi WPS WPA Tester

  • First, you have to download the WPS WPA tester app on your android device and check if it’s working.
  • Click the open button on the menu and check the list of all wi-fi devices that the app captures within a range.
  • Now you will see different names with colored locks in front of them, the ones with green are easier to hack, as compared to the orange and red-colored locks.
  • Now click on the device you want to connect to, with green lock is recommended, and then click connect option, with no root hack on android.

After doing all the steps, you can enjoy the new wi-fi on your phone. This is the easiest method out there!

Hack Wifi Password Using AndroDumpper

AndroDumpper is another application that is considered one of the best, it involves no technical skill, and is easy to understand. It can be installed on the google play store for free, without any extra thing needed.


  • First, download the app on google store, and make sure there’s no malware.
  • Open the app and click open on the menu option, after which, you have to click refresh to search all the wi-fi devices you can hack into.
  • Once it shows all the wi-fi devices near you, click “try to connect” for the wi-fi you want to connect to.
  • It will show multiple options on how you want to connect, with or without root, click on no root and proceed.
  • It might take a little bit to connect to the wi-fi, but once it’s done, you can enjoy the fast and free wi-fi of anyone you desire.

Hack Without Root Using WPS Connect

This tool is a bit more popular than others due to the special features it provides. It does not require your phone to be rooted, and it can be easily downloaded through the google play store for free. The method of this tool is relatively similar to others.

How to Hack WiFi Password on Android

  • As always, first, install the app from the google play store and check if it’s compatible with your device. It’s compatible with most androids.
  • Open the app and click on the refresh button, so that it can load the wi-fi networks for you.
  • Since the wi-fi devices are shown with signal strength, click on the one you want and click “try”
  • Click on the pin button and choose the “try” option, it will take some time, but eventually, it will hack into a wi-fi.

The downside to this app is that without having a rooted phone, you can’t view the password, but you can still hack into them. To see the password, your phone must be rooted.

[With Root]

Use the Bcmon Android App To Hack

Bcmon is a free app that can be installed on any rooted android device. It takes anywhere between 2-3 hours in this process.


  • The first step is to download the Bcmon application, and then download an extra firmware tool before enabling monitor mode.
  • Now, download the reaver application, and refresh the list to see all the wi-fi devices within range.
  • Go into the settings and uncheck “bcmon”, then click on any wi-fi connection you want to access
  • Then return to the screen and click ok, to start the breaching process.

After this, you can access that wi-fi device without any problems.

Hack Using Wi-Fi Dumpper

This application is also one of the great ones, and it requires root access. It is compatible with almost all rooted android devices, and it’s one of the easiest apps to get WEP-enabled wi-fi passwords. This type requires just a few steps, which makes it better.

wi-fi dumpper

  • Download wi-fi dumpper from google play store and install it.
  • Click on the “refresh” button to see the list of wi-fi networks, available in the range. But, be sure to give the app root permissions at the start of the process.
  • Click on any network you want to get access to and click on a pin, and then try.
  • After a couple of minutes, it will grant you the password to the device, so you can enjoy and be patient throughout the process.

Hack Into Wi-Fi Using WPSAPP

WPSAPP is one of the easiest and most convenient hacking apps that helps you hack wifi passwords on android. It is compatible with any rooted android device and has the simplest steps compared to others.

How to Hack WiFi Password on Android

  • Download the app and install it
  • Open the app and grant it the root permissions, then search for the network you want to get access to. It has to be in the range.
  • Click the option “WEP enabled” and then “connect with a pin”, after some seconds, it will grant you the password and you can access the network anytime within range.

Is It Safe to Hack with These Apps?

Although these apps are said to be safe to use, they may still contain some malware. So, proceed with caution when you are using them or downloading them.

Some are not available on the google play store and need to be accessed from another site, which can be potentially risky. It’s better to get the apps from the play store, which are safer than most.

Still, hacking is unethical and even illegal in most of the world. So, doing this may create unwanted danger for you, as it is illegal to just have such apps that hack, you can be fined or jailed for excessive use of these methods. It’s better to stay safe and ask them for a password, which is a safer and polite way.

Maybe if they see your generosity, they can give you a password, but once they find out you have been stealing their wi-fi, it can create problems for you. But if you want to take the risk, these are the best and most efficient methods to hack wi-fi using android, either rooted or without any root.