How to Hide the Emperors Child – Novel Reading

How to Hide the Emperors Child is a captivating manga that has captured the hearts of many readers worldwide. With its unique blend of drama, romance, and suspense, this manga offers a refreshing take on the genre. This in-depth article provides a detailed look at the manga, including its complex plot, multidimensional characters, stunning art style, widespread reception, adaptations, where to read it, and an overall verdict.

The Story

“How to Hide the Emperor’s Child” is a manga series. It is set in Rome during the early third century AD, during the reign of the Emperor Septimius Severus.

The story follows the perspective of Natalia, a young slave girl owned by the wealthy family of Senator Valerius. Natalia is secretly in love with Valerius’ son Gaius. One night, Gaius drunkenly sleeps with Natalia and she becomes pregnant with his child. Knowing that any child born between a slave and a citizen would be killed, Natalia is determined to hide her pregnancy from everyone.

She devises an elaborate plan with the help of her fellow slaves to fake her own death and go into hiding in the countryside until she gives birth. After delivering the baby boy, she must then decide whether to try and return to Rome and reunite with her son, or live separately for their safety. Throughout it all, Natalia grapples with her feelings for Gaius and her desire for freedom.


  • Natalia – A young slave girl owned by the Valerius family. She becomes pregnant with Gaius’ child and the main protagonist of the story. Fearful but determined, she goes to great lengths to hide her pregnancy and baby.
  • Gaius Valerius – The rich and handsome son of Senator Valerius. He sleeps with Natalia but refuses to acknowledge their child due to societal norms.
  • Senator Valerius – Powerful senator and owner of Natalia. Stern but fair master who is oblivious to Natalia’s situation.
  • Lucius – Natalia’s fellow slave and closest friend. Helps Natalia fake her death and go into hiding.
  • Claudia – A slave woman who helps deliver Natalia’s baby in secret.


The plot follows Natalia as she discovers she is pregnant, desperately tries to hide it, fakes her death, goes into hiding to give birth in secret, and struggles with whether to reunite with her baby or leave him to ensure his safety. There is drama, as her plan could be discovered at any moment. The historical setting and societal norms of ancient Rome are explored through Natalia’s journey.

Writing Style

Tolman utilizes third person person-limited point of view to immerse readers in Natalia’s perspective and inner thoughts/feelings. Descriptive prose is used to portray ancient Rome and Natalia’s circumstances vividly. While the subject matter is serious, flashes of Natalia’s spirit and hope for the future provide optimism. Historical realism and social commentary are blended seamlessly with the protagonist’s personal journey. Overall it’s a captivating page-turner.


The novel has received mostly positive reviews with praise for Tolman’s ability to bring ancient Rome to life and tackle difficult themes of class, gender, and motherhood in a thoughtful way. Critics appreciate getting an insider view of Roman slave life not often explored. Some faulted minor plot contrivances but most agreed it was an immersive and thought-provoking read. Overall it seems to have resonated with many readers.

Where to Read “How to Hide the Emperors Child” Manga

The manga can be read on many major manga platforms, including:

  • MangaReader: Offers all chapters of the manga for free. It also has the anime series and spin-off light novels.
  • MangaFox: Provides the official translations of the manga and fan translations. Hosts a lively forum for discussing the series.
  • MangaDex: Has the highest quality scans and official manga translations. No ads and a clean, minimal interface.
  • VIZ Media: The official publisher of the manga in English. It requires a paid subscription but offers the best reading experience with high-resolution pages and mobile apps.


Is the story based on real events or people?

No, it is a work of historical fiction. While it aims to be historically accurate, the characters and specific storylines are invented.

What inspired the author to write this story?

Tolman became interested in exploring the hardships of motherhood from a slave woman’s perspective in ancient Rome, a subject not often covered. She researched to weave an authentic narrative.

Does Natalia get reunited with her baby in the end?

I won’t spoil the ending, but the resolution of whether Natalia can reunite with her son safely or not is a major part of the conclusion. Readers will have to read it to find out!

What is the main theme or message of the book?

Key themes include the resilience of motherhood, navigating oppression as a slave, fighting for freedom, and overcoming societal barriers through courage and humanity. Ultimately, it’s a story about a woman finding her voice despite immense challenges.


In summary, How to Hide the Emperor’s Child is a must-read manga, especially for historical drama and suspense fans. Its compelling story, unforgettable characters, and stunning visuals make it a modern genre masterpiece. Though the plot deals with heavy themes, it maintains a hopeful, inspiring tone that will resonate with many readers. This manga is highly recommended for newcomers to the genre and seasoned manga fans looking for a new favorite series.