How to Make Money on Spotify || Useful Tips for 2023


Earning money is surely a big hurdle to living a happy and healthy life. There are many ways for a person to earn money, whether it’s through his physical well as mental skills. Since the rise of the internet and the popularity of social networks, it has become much easier to earn money.

People all around the world are getting-used-to with online platforms and this has become a positive sign of the internet’s beneficial use. Different social networks, applications, and even games have boosted the way to earn a good income for well-being. What will make you feel shocked is that, it is possible to make a good amount through posting songs and music.

For this purpose, there is a social platform namely “Spotify” which provides a platform to feature your music talent by posting videos and certainly make money. Let us discuss the Spotify platform, how much we could earn from it, and also the methods and tactics for how to make money on Spotify.

About Spotify:

Taking a brief look at Spotify, it is an application that has a complete library of songs, music, videos, webcasts, and podcasts. It allows you to listen to your favorite songs and music whether it is desi music from the sub-continent area (Hindi/Urdu) or Europe or even from the Western region that produces music and videos in their local English language.

Make Money on Spotify

You can find all categories of music featured in different genres like movies, albums, solo soundtracks, and much more. Coming towards the podcasts, the one who likes to know talk of the town and different current affairs and opinions, these podcasts can be a good fellow for them and what else to know, the Spotify platform is full of playlists that feature different podcasts and discussions like on poverty, technology, arts, and it follows a big list of categories.

The thing that should be noted is that there are two versions of Spotify, the one is the Free version and the second is Paid or we can say the Premium version. Both the versions are likely to be the same as they provide the same data and interface to use, but the difference is that if you get the Free version, it would show you ads, and eventually, this would result in disturbance and annoyance especially when you are using Spotify in parties or gathering functions.

Whereas, the Premium version is entirely free from this interruption. Moreover, there is another slight difference in the audio quality between both versions and the Premium version would have better quality than the Free one.

Using Spotify is very easy and it is at your fingertips. Just make an account, search for the content of your interest and listen to it. If you want to post your content, you will have to create a Playlist and add your desired videos to it.

Make sure to give an appropriate name to your playlist as the algorithm of Spotify recommends the content that you like, and what you will type would show your interest. Now, looking forward to our main objective, i.e. how do artists make money from Spotify.

Guide to Make Money On Spotify:

Besides listening to and adding your music talent on the Spotify Platform for entertainment and fame, it is also a shocking fact about it that you can earn money through this platform. Earning shall start when you have got tremendous fame and following all across the world on this platform.

It would require a lot of effort to get as many followers to start earning money from the Spotify platform. However, Spotify also creates different features and ideas that help you give out yourself in an improved and beneficial way, hence increasing the streaming numbers and followers on your account. Advertising yourself can be an essential key to opening the doors for your Spotify earnings.

For making this possible simply and easily, you need to follow some techniques that can surely help you to achieve your goal. So let us have a look at those techniques.

  • Share Your Music On Different Social Platforms:

You read that right as it is very simple to advertise your music through sharing your Spotify content on the different social applications that you are using. If you are using Instagram, you need to share your Spotify profile link in its bio, so if anyone reaches your Instagram profile shall see the Spotify link and a music lover would click on your profile for sure.

Social Platforms

Moreover, you can also post your Spotify music content on your Instagram story so that people could reach you fast. Similarly, while using Facebook, you can also promote your Spotify profile in different ways. Firstly, you can add your Spotify link to your Facebook Bio. Secondly, you could share it as a post so that your friends could reach out.

Thirdly, the Facebook groups can help you as there are many of them available for such promotions and making networks. Sharing your Spotify music or videos there can also help in a great way.

  • Create Links with Famous Artists:

How can you create links with other artists on Spotify? It is not much complicated as you need to do collaborations with different artists.

Ad their music in your playlists and ask them to do the same for you. In this way, you will get the attention of those artists’ followers and frequently you would get more followers.

Links with Famous Artists

In another way, giving and getting shout-outs could also help in gaining a huge amount of followers. At the end of the day, all of these are the marketing strategies that would aid you to get paid through the Spotify platform.

  • Use Artist’s Pick:

How about arranging your music uploads in a way that your best videos in the playlist become highlighted? You can do this by enabling the Artist’s Pick feature in your Spotify profile. Through this feature, you can pick your recent material, concerts, songs, and different best stuff and keep it on the top of your profile.

In this way, your material shall be promoted in a very frequent manner. Note that the Artist’s pick remains pinned for two weeks.

  • Verify Your Profile:

Verifying the profile can also help you get an edge on the Spotify platform. Account verification can help you in many aspects. Number one, you can upload your profile picture on the account, Number two, you can set up your playlists for gaining followers.

Verify Your Profile

Thirdly, it would be easier for you to get promotions across other social platforms as it would provide you a facility to integrate with your social media accounts. Next and most important, you could update your followers about your newest feeds more easily. Furthermore, when you are successfully verified, you would be provided with a blue tick which would describe that it’s you. 

  • Create Your Website:

To promote your profile, podcast, band, or any of your brands, building a website with your domain name shall work perfectly. As your goal is to get more followers and getting more followers and stream count is only possible when people know you better.

Personal Blog

This is the reason why creating your website is important. You can mention your Spotify profile or content on your website and get followers as people start knowing about you.

How Much Do Artists Make On Spotify?

The answer to the question “how much does Spotify pay per stream” is that on Spotify, you can earn a good amount as compared to YouTube. As a report of CNBC declares, an artist on Spotify can earn from $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream. Although other reports also convey a little low rate of up to $0.0045 per play.

If we ponder over carefully these rates and apply some mathematics, the result is in front of us that for a 1000 stream count, an artist can get to earn almost $4 to $8. This amount is far better than YouTube streaming which pays for views, and for a thousand views, the YouTuber gets a pay of $0.7 only.

Moreover, being a right holder at Spotify can also result in getting good pay as when an artist owns rights to publishing and track-writing, the platform pays him almost 70% of the revenue generated which is more than enough to cheer up. 


You must have got goosebumps while getting an idea about Spotify and How to make money on Spotify. Have a great time making music videos and stuff. What else that you need except for a smartphone.

Just go for it, make an account on Spotify, post your talent, use the discussed techniques and methods, stay calm, and earn a good amount through the amazing Spotify platform.