How To Organize Computer Stuff For Max Productivity?

The article brings you multiple useful tips by employing which organizing files, folders, and documents will become a breeze. And you won’t have to wander from one location to the other to find the file you want at any given point in time, thereby cutting off time wastage. 

This, in turn, automatically increases your productivity manifold. Well, read this blog to know several different ways to organize files, folders, and documents for maximum productivity.

Below listed are several methods to Organize Computer Stuff, regardless of Windows or macOS. Employ these easy ways to keep your computer always like a new one, clean and organized.

  1. Don’t Store Your Files on the Desktop

The first and foremost tip is to not store your files, folders, and other documents on the desktop. Keep it to the minimum with only necessary and frequently accessed data items. Try to reduce the clutter on the desktop so that it presents the wallpaper on most parts of the screen. 

This piece of advice is because we all often tend to save data on the desktop in a hurry, thinking to sort out those files and folders later, which hardly happens until our much-needed file cannot be found. It is then that we start checking every file and sort them out. 

  1. Limit Making Folders

You should make folders only when it is truly required, and not unnecessarily create folders for each file that you create and work on. In most cases, if you look carefully and logically, you will find that there’s already a folder or folders where most of your newly created files can be saved. 

You should make another level in the hierarchy only when required rather than making a multi-layered tree for every new file that you save. However, this tip is more useful if you have your computer sorted from before. It is advised that you have a simple structure of folders on your computer drives so that it is simple to locate the desired files when you require them for your work, thereby, taking your productivity to heights.

  1. Clear Scratch Disk

Clearing the scratch disk of your computer is another efficient way to manage files and keep your system clutter-free and organized. Nonetheless, to do so, you should first know what a scratch disk is. Here’s a quick explanation

It is a hard disk drive (HDD) or SSD used for temporarily storing data while the Photoshop application runs. The Adobe Photoshop application uses this storage space in HDD/SSD to store shares of documents. 

The reason is that such data cannot be stored in the memory or RAM of your computer. This fact can be verified by looking at the History Panel of Photoshop that gives this information. Clearing the scratch disk regularly will keep your computer free from unwanted and useless data, thereby making more space for storing the data you need. 

In this manner, you can keep your computer organized, store useful data, and maintain it in good condition for a long time.

  1. Name Files and Folders Logically

When making a new folder or file, name it properly and logically. Name files and folders in such a way that it is easy to memorize which file and folder have what data type stored in them. The name of the file and folder should suggest the information stored in it. 

This will help you in locating the files you need easily and then when you need them urgently, instead of navigating through all the drives and wasting time. Also, your computer will be neat and, in turn, increase your productivity.  

  1. Use Shortcuts, Favorites, and Launchers

There are features such as Shortcut, Favorites, and Launchers on your computer that can make working on the computer easy and productive. These features make your life easy by giving you quick access to specific folders that you need at maximum times.

It avoids traversing through your computer drives to seek a file or folder. So, next time when you need to check out files in a folder, you don’t have to take a tour of all the drives on your computer. Navigate to the folder right away to save a lot of time and effort. 


All in all, there are multiple different ways to become more organized and seek efficiency while using a computer. Hopefully, this article will turn out to be a solid reference that you can make the most out of after you finish reading it. And remember that the more of the tips you incorporate into your routine, the better the outcome for you as far as computer efficiency goes.