How to Recover Incognito History on Android Phone?

Incognito tabs are opened and used specifically for hiding privacy. They don’t record history and also stop certain ads. But the question is, how to recover incognito history on an android phones?

Each and all web browsers track and record your site history, which helps in looking back at them and opening them with just a click, however, with incognito, you can avoid having your sites being on history. This leaves many people frustrated because their kids can watch adult sites or inappropriate games, which can be bad for their mental growth. But people have found how to recover incognito history.

Let us first understand how incognito works, and why people use it, also why people try to find history on webs that are designed to hide those things.

At some point in time, you have gotten tired of keeping everything tracked and recorded, which may even worry you since you check sites that are a bit embarrassing to talk about.

But sometimes you would want to go back to a certain page or tab, which may even save the time it took you to find it. But once you open sites in incognito, you can’t track them, or check the sites you have entered in just one session.

How Does Incognito Work?

The way incognito works is in its name, which means to hide one’s identity. Incognito is a part of web browsers that allows users to hide their footsteps as they walk on the web.

It is available in almost all browsers, and it’s great at hiding the history, however, there are ways to retrieve incognito history on an android phone, which is a bit harder than retrieving it on a PC or Mac.

Incognito mode lets the user have a good experience by giving them privacy, all other browser modes mark history, but incognito only keeps it for a certain period, and when you close the last incognito tab of one session, it breaks the operation, which leads to all data loss and no marks are left behind.

How Does Incognito Work?

Parents’ biggest concern about their kids is that perhaps they spend too much time on incognito, which is a reasonable concern, but the good news is, it is possible to retrieve history in incognito, and we are here to explain it.

Different Things People Use Incognito For

Not all uses of incognito mode are bad, there are some good reasons and it helps a lot of people in their work.

  • People can access 2 accounts on the same site within one browser. You can open a site and have it connected to Gmail or something, and then when you want to open the other account, you can simply open incognito and do the same process. However, this time you don’t put the earlier account, but use a different one and access two accounts at one time.
  • Since incognito is a different mode within a browser, people use it for quick questions which they might be embarrassed to ask, these can be harmless most of the time.
  • Incognito lessens the number of ads you get, and can even stop malware pop-ups from opening. This is a great and safe way to use browsers nowadays because there are too many suspicious places implanted in sites.
  • People also use incognito to open sites that offer premium features for only a limited time. If you open a site like that in a normal google browser, then you won’t be able to use it ever again, however, if you open the site in incognito, you can use the feature and close the incognito, which resets everything, and you can continue doing this until your IP gets tracked and temporarily blocked by the website.

How to Start Incognito Mode on Different Browsers?

This is something that everyone should know, but for the newcomers, here’s how you can start incognito browsers. On google chrome, you can click on three dots on the top right and there’s an option “open a new incognito tab”, which leads to incognito mode.

However, many other browsers don’t have it named incognito, but in private mode, so if you are on other browsers, you can simply find the settings option and click on “private”, which will either open a new private tab or make the browser private until you turn it off.

Why Use Incognito Mode When You Want to Recover History

Instead of asking how to recover incognito history, you can simply ask, why to use it when you want to recover history. Incognito is used specifically to hide the footsteps and your history after you close the tabs. You can’t even undo closing a tab like normally. By clicking ctrl + shift + T, you can open the most recent tab and so on.

However, that’s not possible on incognito, so why would you use it when you want to open the tabs again sometime. Well, the logical answer is, that people feel safer in incognito mode and want to hide their history from others sometimes.

If you find a tab that can be useful or something you don’t have to hide and open again in the future, you can simply bookmark the tab, or even download an offline version of the tab, which is recorded and not lost after closing incognito. So, there is still a simple way to quickly save a site you found while on incognito. But what if you don’t bookmark and already closed the site?

Then you can resort to other ways. Lucky, we provide you with a method, although it is harder than other devices, it’s still efficient.

Recovering Incognito History on Android

Most methods used to open history on android require spy software, which may be risky for the phone, and putting your phone through that just for recovering history may not be worth it. But here is the method.



FamiSafe is one of the best apps used to recover history, along with many more features. This app allows you to check different things and even control which sites can be accessed incognito. This is a much more useful app for parental control of kids.

You can block certain sites that you think are harmful to your child, and this includes inappropriate sites, malware, or even things that your kid is addicted to, and you can help reduce the addiction.

  • it can also help locate the target device and where they access the site from, which is a great feature for parents.
  • It allows you to check what time and date a certain website was opened, which will help check what time you or your kid opens the internet.
  • You can even see how many times a certain website was opened, even if it’s all on incognito. It can help determine whether someone is addicted to certain sites, or help you prioritize the sites.

All these features show how this app is specifically used by parents more than others. The name also suggests that it is used to keep the family safe.

Is It Safe?

It’s still spy software and can be risky for your device. Although it is used and trusted by many people, the app tracks your privacy and can be feeding information to another party, or maybe hacked. But there have been no cases of that, so it is relatively safer to use than any other site that claims to recover history on android.

You can use it for good things, but we recommend you to use it only for parental control, which it specializes in. If you want to keep track of the sites that you have opened in past, you can try to adopt a habit of bookmarking the sites which you open, so there won’t be a problem in the future. This is a safer way and doesn’t involve any risk at all.

So, now we know how to recover incognito history on android phones, but there are ways to do it in a simple way. You can use either the normal tab or just bookmark sites that you want to visit again, and it will make things easier for you too. Having a third-party app that spies on privacy can be risky for the user.

In the current modern age, there is a lot of software that constantly feeds on your information behind your back. So, if your reason for installing them is small, you can simply look for different methods, which will reduce the risks significantly.

Incognito mode is known for hiding history and giving you privacy, but there are ways to go past it, which makes it somewhat useless for certain things. However, not many people know how to do it and won’t try to do it because of the complicated method. You have to download the software on android, and possibly hide the app too. Because people can see it and invade your privacy.