How To Tell If Airpods Are Fake? || Authentic Guide

Ever since Apple launched its AirPods people have been crazy about them. The biggest flex of 2016 was owning AirPods. They may seem like just normal Bluetooth earphones but that’s not the case. Just like every other Apple product, the AirPods are also a high-quality product that gives users a worthwhile experience.

Whether they are listening to songs on their phone or laptop or any other device which has Bluetooth or whether they are watching a movie the quality of sound will be exceptionally well. Once you charge your AirPods the battery will run for a very long time, you charge them once and then you can use them for up to 24 hours, you can also easily check the battery level of your AirPods if you are using them with any other Apple device, such an iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

Airpods have been the talk of the town for quite a few times now. A lot of people are buying AirPods and those who don’t own their wish to get their hands on them as soon as possible. Airpods are the perfect representation of beauty with brains, nor are they extremely functional and useful but their sleek design makes them a must-buy.

They add a statement and sense of style to your entire look. We have to admit that they are a bit costly but if you relate it with the use of these AirPods the price seems to be fair.


Because of such high demand for AirPods, a lot of AirPods or a copy of AirPods have also come into the market. People who are looking for a cheaper alternative are buying them but people who are looking for authentic apple products might not like this option because this way someone can sell them fake AirPods for the same price as the original ones. If you are someone who has faced the same issue, you don’t need to worry, we’ve got you covered. How to tell if AirPods are fake or original?  Follow these simple steps.

Steps To Tell If AirPods Are Fake:

  • Check The Serial Number

One of the easiest and most authentic ways to question how to tell if AirPods are fake is to check their serial number. Airpods come with a charging case. The upper flap of the charging case has a serial number written inside of them when you open the charging case you can easily see the serial number written on them.

You have to write down the serial number of Airpods on the apple website, just hit enter and if they are original AirPods you will see information about the model on their website which will give you confirmation that your AirPods are 100 percent authentic.

However there are chances that the case you got was original whereas the AirPods weren’t, or in some cases, the entire set is fake because a lot of the manufacturers from other countries know that apple provides the service of checking your serial number on their website, what they have started doing is that they also write serial numbers same as the one on the original ones on their fake AirPods Pro.

  • Look Closely At The Diffuser

Another way to tell if AirPods is fake is by looking at the diffuser, for those of us who don’t know what a diffuser is, it is the rectangular-shaped hole in front of your AirPods. Now we can all vouch for the quality of apple’s products and it is their attention to detail that makes their products so appealing.

Just keep this in mind and while looking at the front of your AirPods you can see that to the right of the circle on the front there will be a rectangular-shaped hole as well, the original AirPods have these two shapes perfectly aligned, there is a little space between them but they are in line with each other, unlike the fake AirPods.

  • Check The Bottom Of Your Airpods

Another very simple and effective way of checking your AirPods is by looking at the bottom of them, over here you will also notice that looking at the shape is the key, original AirPods have an oval shape from the bottom, not all AirPods would indeed have the exact look from the bottom but their shape will always by oval, whereas fake AirPods have a more circular shape.

Other than that you can also look at the two white lines on the bottom, on fake AirPods the two white lines are slightly different in color and are a bit more obvious as compared to the fake ones.

  • Check The Case

Now we focus on how the case of your AirPods can tell if you have fake AirPods or original AirPods.what you have to do is a simple look at the design of your case, just by looking at tiny, very precise details on your case you will be able to tell if you have fake AirPods or not.

First, you have to look at the backside of your case. There is a small circle placed at the back of both fake and original AirPods but the difference is that on fake AirPods the circle is a bit higher as compared to the original ones. Just by looking at it, you can tell that the design isn’t right and the circle isn’t placed where it was meant to be.

Other than that you can see that on the backside the point with a rectangular grey strip that connects the flap to the rest of the case, under this grey strip it is stated that the AirPods are “Designed by Apple logo in California, Assembled in China”.

On original AirPods this is written in a smaller font size, whereas on fake AirPods the text is more visible due to the size of the font as well as the color, the text is in grey but the shade is a bit darker on fake AirPods.

You can also look at the charging port to tell if you have fake AirPods. The charging port of fake AirPods is a little different than the charging port of the original ones, the difference is not very apparent but if you look at it closely you be able to spot it, the charging port is wrapped in a metal outline, fake AirPods a have a thicker and more obvious metal outline and along with that the color is also a bit darker thus making it different than the original AirPods.

  • Look At The Light-Up Indicator

Another very easy way to tell if you have fake AirPods is to check the light-up indicator, when you open the flap of your Airpod case, you can see that there is a place made for you to place your AirPods and between it is a white space with a tiny circle that lights up when you open your case. The position of this tiny circle is very crucial in finding out whether your AirPods are a replica or not.

The authentic AirPods would have this circle at the top but the fake AirPods would have this circle placed somewhere in the middle. Because this is a very obvious difference, and can easily be fixed most manufacturers who make fake AirPods make sure that the position of this circle is just right but sometimes there can be a fault in this so checking this circle won’t guarantee that your AirPods are a hundred percent original but it would save you from buying rip-offs that are not even possible of looking at the most common mistake and fixing it.

Steps To Tell

Final Words:

The above-mentioned ways are very simple and effective, they don’t require you to go to the store or ask someone to tell you if you have fake original AirPods. All they require is a little attention to detail, just by focusing on tiny details you can easily spot the differences between original and fake AirPods.

So the next time you go to buy AirPods or get them delivered from your place from a website that claims to be selling original AirPods you don’t need to be confused or reluctant to buy all you have to do is follow these simple steps and make sure you are buying a hundred percent original and authentic product.

Along with all this, you can check multiple other cues to help you figure out if you have the original AirPods or not, you can look at the box they came in. there are quite a few differences between the fake AirPods box and the original AirPods for starters the font style and the color is different, the spacing is not right and makes many more differences can be seen.

Apart from all this there is a huge difference in the quality of sound on original and fake AirPods so if you feel like the quality of the side you get isn’t worth what you paid for, you need to check all these tiny details because there is a huge possibility that you didn’t get the product you paid for. Hope this helped someone who needs to know How to tell if AirPods are fake.

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