How To Unblock Blocked Games on Any Device

There are many ways to unblock games that you can do. Some of them are using VPNs and using servers that are abroad. If you are curious what are the steps, feel free to the full explanation in this article.

Currently, there are so many games that we can play both via PC and phones. However, not all games that fill the virtual world can be accessed easily just like that.

Some of the games are inaccessible or blocked by several restrictions, whether it’s due to restrictions based on location, laws imposed by the government, internet provider provisions, and others.

Blocking games is a common thing that happens in various places. In general, the locations where games are most often blocked are schools and work. This is because students and workers are expected to be able to focus on their activities in that place.

But apparently, it is quite surprising that there is a simple way to unblock it. You can unblock all games in various ways.

Let’s take a deeper look at how to unblock any game.

How To Unblock Blocked Games on Any Device

When you know that one interesting game that you want to play is blocked, of course, it would be frustrating. And it’s even more frustrating when it suddenly happens out of nowhere. It’s certainly unfortunate if you can’t play your favorite game anymore.

But, no need to worry. We’ll share the easy ways to unblock all games. This includes if you are at school and want to unblock games at school so you can play blocked games again.

Using VPNs

One way is to use a VPN. By activating the VPN, game sites are not blocked anymore. This is made possible because VPN can help you unblock games by changing your IP address. In other words, the internet network that you are using cannot know what site you are trying to visit, so the game blocker cannot be applied. Because you don’t know what sites you visit, you don’t just get banned.

How to unblock all games using a VPN in the following five steps.

  • Search the VPN on your PC or mobile device
  • Download the VPN
  • Launch it and try to connect with the browser you are using
  • With VPN connection, you can open any game you want
  • Now you can play any game without any restrictions!

So easy, isn’t it? Unblocking games nowadays is pretty much straightforward to do.

The VPN is not just unblocking the game you want to play. It can also protect your device from hacker attacks and other harmful computer viruses.

Now you can finally browse more safely with a VPN. By connecting to VPN, the site or app you open marks you as located elsewhere. For example, you are in Singapore, but it will be read as another place if you use an outside server.

Using a Remote Connection 

Talking about distance, now we have been introduced to a way to connect to a computer or server located in a different country from a great distance. Although, yes, this is the method you wouldn’t be using daily. 

To access your computer when going somewhere, simply use the remote connection. The following is how to set up a remote desktop in Windows 10:

  • Click the Start Window button
  • Click Settings with the gear icon.
  • Next, click System.
  • Then click Remote Desktop on the left bar.
  • Then change the Enable Remote Desktop option to ON.
  • Then click Confirm. A question will appear whether you are sure you want to activate Remote Desktop.
  • Next type Firewall in the search on the Settings window.
  • Then click Change Settings.
  • Check the Private and Public boxes to the right of the Remote Desktop.
  • Finally, click OK.
  • Once you enable Remote Desktop and allow applications to communicate through the firewall, you can access that computer via the Internet.

Meanwhile, if you want to connect to an overseas server, you can do the following:

  • Choose a reliable VPN. This VPN can be used so that game sites are not blocked from your PC or phone. You can say welcome to the world of unblocked games easily.
  • Download the VPN of your choice and install it on your computer.
  • Open it and log in to the VPN of your choice. If this is your first time then you will be asked to register to connect.
  • Select the country you want to connect to.
  • After that, your IP address and location will change.

There, now the unblocked games can be played once again!