How To Unblur An Image Using Different Apps

Getting the perfect picture is not an easy task. You need to make sure the lighting is perfect, you need to make sure you aren’t posing awkwardly, the frame also needs to be adequate and many other things need to be just right so you can get the perfect picture.

No one wants to upload a picture on Facebook or Instagram that isn’t meeting all these criteria’s especially when all the other people posting their pictures are being so creative with them.

The worst part about having the time of your life is that when you’re enjoying you forget to take pictures or the pictures you take aren’t worth posting sometimes the angle isn’t right, it turns out your pose isn’t right but the most frustrating part is when everything else is perfect but the picture ends up being a blur, you know you look amazing, the lighting is hitting your face in just the right spot but the picture is blur!!

If you are someone who has been facing this issue you don’t need to worry about it. There are a number of ways you can find out to unblur an image. If you want to learn how to unblur an image online, just scroll below and find out numerous ways to do the trick.

There are a number of apps that can be used for this purpose.

Apps in Smartphones:

1) VSCO-

Unblur and Image with VSCO

This is an app designed to help people edit their photos and videos easily. It can be found on both the app store and the play store. This means both android and apple users can use this app. The first or the basic version of the app is free which is sufficient for someone who is not working on a professional level and only needs to do basic editing on their pictures.

Now the question is after downloading the app how can one unblur their picture? The answer is simple, all you have to do is follow these easy steps and make the following adjustments to your picture.

  • First, you can start off with the most obvious tools, change your pictures sharpness and clarity, when you open these options you can see a small circle which indicates the current level of clarity or sharpness of your picture, to make your picture more clear and to unblur the image you have to increase the level of sharpness and clarity by dragging the circle to the right, you will be able to look at your picture simultaneously and you can decide at which point you think the picture looks best according to you and then choose that level of adjustment for your photo.
  • After making these changes if you still feel like the picture isn’t clear you can change the exposure which can also be called the intensity of each color in the photo, by adjusting the exposure as well as the contract which helps you manage which colors should be more prominent and which should be less, you can see that there are very visible changes to the quality of your picture. What happens is that when you manage the colors in your picture the different elements of the picture become more clear thus making the image appear less blurry and more clear.
  • Lastly apart from all these adjustments and changes the app also offers different filters and other options that help you to unblur an image and make it look better.

2) Adobe LightRoom

Adobe light room

This is another app that we can use to edit our photos. This app is also available on both IOS and Android. We can use this app free of cost which makes it a better idea for people who just want to edit photos for fun and upload them on their social media accounts.

Just like any other editing app, this app is also user-friendly which means anyone can use this app without having to learn to use it, as the features and adjustments it offers are very basic but they add magic to your image. They make it look so much better than it was before. If you want to learn how to unblur a picture on this app you need to know about the basic tools.

  • Starting with the basics, the most common tool used to make an image clear is sharpness. You need to change the sharpness of your image. When you increase the sharpness of your image it becomes more defined and much clearer than before. to make a picture clear you need to increase the sharpness of your image.
  • Change the radius, by changing the radius you decide which portion or part of your image you want to be more defined and clear. In order to make your picture more clear you should increase the radius as it would make even the tiniest objects in your picture clear and well defined.
  • You can also change the details and exposure of your image to make it clearer and more well-defined. After applying the various changes you can see the effects are very visible and how some simple tricks have helped you make your picture so much clearer.

Other than the apps mentioned above you can also download other apps that will help you unblur your image. The following are the apps you can use to Unblur an image.

  • Snap Speed
  • Fotor Photo Editor
  • AfterLight
  • Prisma

If you want to unblur an image and you can’t use your phone, you don’t need to worry because there are applications that you can download on your laptops that can be used to edit your photos.

These applications are very high-tech and are used mostly by professionals as they have more advanced editing tools which help you give your photo a more polished look.

Applications in Laptop:

1) SmartDeblur:


All you have to do is open their official website, from there you download the application, once that is done you need to open it on your laptop or computer whichever device you are using, after that you need to select the image you want to edit.

After selecting the image on the app you can see various options from those options you choose first you need to decide the type of blur you want to fix and then you slide the radius and smooth bar on the part of your picture you want to fix, you can see the results alongside when you’re stroking the image, you decide when to stop.

When the picture looks perfect to you, you get your desired result you can stop sliding the smooth and radius bar on your picture, and voila! Your blurry picture is now crystal clear.

2) GIMP:

Unblur and Image with GIMP

This is another photo editing tool that you can use on your PCs. It is a graphics editor that can be used for various tasks, it offers more specialized tools but can also be used for the basic editing of an image. Even with its specialized and advanced tools, GIMP is very easy to use.

All you have to do is download it on your PC, select your image, then you will be able to see a toolbox you need to click on the toolbox options and select the “Sharpen” option. Just by clicking on few options you get to see the best results, you are able to see the results as they are very obvious. The quality of your image improves only with a few clicks.

Where To Unblur Your Photos?

Other than the apps for mobile phones and PC’s that you have to download you can also use various tools that are very simple and easy to use. Microsoft paint can also be used to unblur an image. If you don’t want to download anything on your device you can unblur your image online by using Fotor Photo Blur or Photo Sharpen and numerous other websites.

Deciding how to unblur image can seem to be very easy, you can see a number of apps on the play store and app store but when you download these apps, they ask you to pay for them, become a member, and only then do you get the option of editing your photo.

This is why if ever you get a photo that is blurry but you like it and would want to upload It anywhere, before downloading any app to unblur your image, you should look carefully at the different options available because later on you can face privacy issues or you might not be satisfied with the results at the end.

And then choose which medium you want to use, whether you want to download an app on your phone or your PC or use an online platform.

Learning how to unblur an image is a very easy and interesting task that can make your picture go from zero to ten in just minutes. After making your picture clear you can see the impact it has on your image by comparing the before and after images.

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