How to Upload Products to Amazon using Connecteed

One of the cheapest data feed management software tools offering tons of functionality available is the extremely Italian Connecteed. With Connecteed exporting your products to Amazon is simple and completely automatic. You can manage your entire product listing in just a few simple steps. Synchronizing and uploading items to the marketplace is no problem. Automating the uploading to Amazon is easy. The entire procedure is outlined in five simple steps here below.

Step One: project activation

The most important initial step for uploading products to Amazon in the best way possible is to organize and categorize projects according to their features. It is essential that each of them fits a series of flow behaviors specific to the specific project that is not shared with others on the list.

Subdividing projects makes it possible to generate different import/export behaviors. To create a new one, just press the “+” button at the bottom right of the main “Project List” page, which is the landing page after you log in to your account. Here, just enter the name of the project you want and assign one of the colors indicated to make it easy to see and recognize.

Step Two: database configuration

Each project created in Connecteed can be linked to only one database. A database is a chart, or Excel sheet, containing data and fields headed with a specific name. You can change the name of the fields in each database at any time, adding and removing as many as you want. After you have built the database, simply match the fields of the source you are importing from to the fields of your database. Connecteed allows you to merge data from multiple files into your database. Once you have entered the project, click on “Import Data” in the left hand column to import a reference list, specify the name, the type of feed (.csv, .xml, .json), the separator indicated, the encoding, the value amounts and the source type.

Step Three: enter the API KEY you received from Seller Central into Connecteed

Once the import is set up, the next step is to connect Connecteed to your own Amazon Seller Central account in order to be able to automatically upload products to the Amazon portal. Connecteed can manage your Seller Central account by sending products on your behalf. The authorization process is very fast and simple. Simply log in to your Amazon Seller Central account and from the main menu select:

Settings => Account Information

On the following page, simply click on “Merchant Token” and access the “Merchant Token”, a Seller ID that you simply copy.

This access key enables Amazon to allow you to authorize an external app to connect to the sales panel to upload products, download orders and much more. Once you’ve copied the code, go back to Connecteed and go to:

Profile > Connections > Add

Here, simply enter the identifying name of the Key, the authorized country of sale and the ID copied from Amazon. Press save to complete the process. After saving, the connection will always be available.

Step Four: create an export and configure the rules

You can configure channel rules in the channel you have chosen and in your project. These rules are activated only when sending products from that project and towards a specific indicated channel. To configure the rules, simply click on the project you have opened in Connecteed. In the left column, use the “Export” button to activate a new channel.

Just as was done with imports, enter an export by clicking on “add export”, selecting a name, a feed type, a separator, an encoding, value amounts and a type of file delivery. Save all to complete the process. This will add an item to the export list.

Under the heading “Operations”, simply press the “Rules” button to define new rules or modify old ones. On the left you will see the list of rules that you can activate, deactivate or delete. The three buttons immediately below the rules, in the left column, can be used to add a new one or use a pre-set of the most used rules or copy a rule present in another project or channel.

Additionally, you can set new rules with Connecteed’s rule manager, using the IF/AND/OR/THEN commands to set the value of the rule and the action to be taken. A very simple example of this is given here below:

IF the brand is “SAMSUNG” AND the quantity of the product is less than 2 THEN exclude the product from publication.

Step Five: time scheduling

Returning to the home page of the selected project, in the left column you can click on the “Scheduling” button to set the schedule (days and times) for performing imports, exports or price list synchronization. Simply set the timezone, the time, and the days of the week for which the activity must be performed.

Connecteed can automate all actions and import and export data to Amazon with no problems.