How To Win In The 2023 SEO Ranking Game?

The present decade is focusing largely on the digital transformation of business, bringing the world closer together than ever before. When the World Wide Web or W3 escalated in popularity from the 1990s-to 2010s, businesses were not as inclined to participate in their online promotions.

However, the last two years have changed everything for us, making online presence a non-negotiable standard. If a business intends to stay relevant and be noticed, they need to have an extensive website with content that is useful to its visitors. 

Google, too, has changed its customer experience guidelines to provide internet users with a personalized and high-quality browsing experience. While many site owners and small businesses become perplexed trying to adapt to these constant changes, others are already winning the game. So what makes the difference? In this article, we are going to share five golden nuggets that will put you right in league with the ones gaining success rather than simply winging it.

  • Bring the mobile-first culture to your site: Google has been promoting and implementing the mobile-first model for the last few years, This means that today, websites are ranked as per their mobile versions and how smoothly they run.Even though the progress seems slow, pushing to make each website mobile-friendly is slowly taking precedence over every other criterion today. Apart from assessing old websites, the new ones have mandatory screening to qualify before they get rated on google.

  • Focus on improving your voice search propensity: To own voice search optimization for your website, a brand needs to revisit its keywords by preferring to use long-tail phrases that people may search for commonly. Voice searches are a way to precisely lead searchers to your website when you implement keywords that have realistic and conversational phrases. 

  • Ensure your content satisfies Google’s EAT principle: Google mandates quality from your content but what hits the right spot? The EAT principle found by SERP tracking tools describes these qualities as Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.These factors relate to the business terminology, which is why one must remember to apply the EAT logic by providing data to any claims. Also, make sure to quote reputable sources such as “.edu” or “.gov” in the URLs. The authority of these sites guarantees that you pass the test.


  • Lean on long-form content for SERPs: Research indicates that long-form content that is made up of 3,000 words and over acquired 3X the site traffic and 4X in distribution. Additionally, backlinks grow over 300% while comparing the average content length of 1,000 words. When a brand presents long-form and skyscraper content, it can improve its search engine rankings. However, always be mindful of maintaining the content’s integrity and quality.

  • Provide featured snippets: Creating and publishing long-form content isn’t the singular factor to boost your Google ranking. By using featured snippets, you can show up on the search page using the box preceding the content on the Search Engine Results Page. This is one of the best ways to show up on the first search results page, outsmarting your competitors.


Wrapping Up:

Ranking high and developing a domain authority is not rocket science, but it requires technical knowledge of how the SEO criteria work. SEO companies in Sydney can help you implement the five key elements described above to boost your SERP rankings and receive great results!