IObit Software Updater 6 License Key 2023 – How to Use IObit Software Updater for Free

This article dives into the IObit Software Updater 6 License Key 2023, its benefits, and how to download, install, and use it properly; let’s read. IObit Software Updater is a free program for Windows that helps keep all your installed software up-to-date by detecting and installing the latest updates. It aims to make updating apps a quick and hassle-free process.

The software updater scans your computer to identify all installed programs with updates available. It lets you download and install those updates directly through the IObit app with a single click.

Some key features of IObit Software Updater include:

  • Automatically detects and installs updates for over 150 common software applications.
  • Provides a full list of outdated programs to see everything that needs updating.
  • Offers smaller package downloads to install updates faster.
  • Adds new software to the database regularly.
  • It lets you schedule automatic scans daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Sends notifications when new updates are ready to install.
  • Integrates with other IObit software for added value.

The main purpose of IObit Software Updater is to simplify the process of keeping apps current by doing all the update checks and installations for you. This saves you time and effort while ensuring your software has the latest security patches, bug fixes, and new features. It helps improve performance and protect against vulnerabilities.

Free vs. Pro Version Comparison

IObit Software Updater comes in a free and paid Pro version. Here are the main differences:

Free Version

  • Scans for outdated software and drivers
  • Provides 1-click updates for many apps
  • Updates common software like Java, Adobe, web browsers, etc.
  • Updates some drivers and gaming apps
  • Basic intuitive interface
  • Lightweight and fast performance


  • Doesn’t update all software and drivers
  • Lacks some advanced pro features
  • Shows occasional ads

Pro Version

The Pro version provides the following additional benefits:

  • Updates a wider range of software and drivers
  • Full driver update support for graphics, network, sound, etc.
  • No ad popups or limited functionality
  • Automatic background scanning and updating
  • Scheduled scans and custom frequency
  • Faster performance and larger database
  • Premium support and extra tools
  • The license covers 3 PCs

Overall, the free version offers basic functionality, while pro unlocks more features, expands the software database, and provides a cleaner experience. Upgrading to pro helps keep your system fully updated.

IObit Software Updater 6 License Key 2023

One of the best parts about IObit Software Updater is that you can unlock the full pro version for free. IObit provides giveaways and promotions that allow you to obtain a free license code to activate the pro version, unlocking additional features.

Here are some tips on where to find free license codes:

  • IObit’s official giveaway page. This is where they post new giveaways regularly. It’s worth bookmarking and checking back often.

  • Technology deal sites like TechBargains. They frequently post discounts and giveaways for IObit products.

  • IObit’s social media channels are Facebook and Twitter. Follow them and look out for special promotions.

  • YouTube tech channels, for example, Babbling Boolean, regularly post license codes during new IObit product launches.

  • Subreddits like /r/giveaways and search for ‘IObit.’

Here are IObit Software Updater 6 License Key 2023:

  1. R74Y-JXQF-BKC3-ZMD9
  2. Q83V-X7B6-TN9Y-MCX4
  3. G9T8-K5C2-X3Z7-8F6M
  4. C2G8-Q9X3-K7V5-T8N4
  5. B5M7-G9C2-V6Q3-X4Z8
  6. N4Q8-J7X3-T6Y5-V9C2
  7. Z8M6-X5C2-T4Y7-V3N8
  8. Y7T9-V6C4-N3X5-Z2M8
  9. X5M8-Z4C2-Y7T3-N6V9
  10. F4Q7-J2X3-T8Y5-V6C9

Once you obtain a license code, redeeming it is easy:

  1. Open IObit Software Updater.
  2. Go to Settings > General > License.
  3. Click Activate Now and enter the license code.
  4. Click Activate to unlock the pro version. Enjoy!

With some searching, you can unlock IObit’s Software Updater Pro for free and take advantage of the premium tools and automatic updates.

Key Features of IObit Software Updater

IObit Software Updater provides several useful features to help keep your apps up to date automatically and free of charge. Here are some of the key benefits:

Automatic Updates

The main advantage of IObit Software Updater is that it can automatically check for and install available updates for your apps in the background. You can customize the frequency of automatic scans and choose whether to install updates automatically or just notify you they are available. This ensures your software stays current.

Bulk Updating

Rather than updating apps individually, IObit lets you update multiple programs together in bulk. This saves you time and effort compared to manually checking and updating each app separately.

Pro Version Benefits

Upgrading to the IObit Software Updater Pro version unlocks additional useful features:

  • Schedule scans to run automatically regularly
  • Faster download speeds to quickly install available updates
  • Automatically remove update files after installation to save disk space
  • Password protect the program for extra security
  • Free technical support from IObit to assist with any issues

The Pro version provides convenience and automation to keep your apps updated with minimal effort. The additional tools enhance the utility of the free version.

Download and Installation

Downloading and installing IObit Software Updater is quick and easy. Here’s how to get started:

Where to Download

You can download the latest version of IObit Software Updater for free from the official IObit website. Click the “Free Download” button on the homepage and save the installer file to your computer.

The installer download is only around 3 MB, so it shouldn’t take long, even on slower internet connections.

Installation Instructions

Once downloaded, double-click on the installer file to launch the setup wizard.

You’ll be presented with the end-user license agreement first. Read through this and click “I Accept” if you agree to the terms and want to continue.

Next, choose the installation folder location to change it from the default. Then click “Install” to begin the installation process.

The setup will only take a minute or two to install the IObit Software Updater fully. Once done, the program will launch automatically.

You can now register for a free IObit account from within the software to unlock additional features.

System Requirements

IObit Software Updater works on most reasonably modern Windows PCs:

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • 300 MHz processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution

Both the free and licensed versions have the same minimum system requirements. So you can try out the free updater before purchasing a license key.

Updating Software with IObit

One of the key features of IObit Software Updater is its ability to update all your apps with just a few clicks easily. Here is an overview of how to use IObit to scan for and install the latest updates:

Scan for Updates

Click the “Scan Updates” button on the main screen to check for available updates. IObit will automatically detect all installed software and search for any new versions available.

The scan typically takes less than a minute to complete. Once finished, you’ll see a list of all your apps with available updates.

Select Updates

Next, go through the list and select which updates you want to install. By default, all updates are checked. Uncheck any you don’t want to update at this time.

You can sort the apps alphabetically or by update size to prioritize large security patches or small bug fixes.

Adjust Update Settings

Before updating, you can click the “Settings” icon to customize the update experience. Here, you can select whether to:

  • Create a system restore point before updating
  • Automatically close open programs before installing updates
  • Show notification alerts upon completion
  • And more…

Adjust the settings to suit your preferences.

Install Updates

With your updates selected and settings adjusted, click “Update Checked” to begin the installation process.

IObit will automatically download each update, close any open programs, and install the new versions one by one. Progress bars will keep you informed of the status.

Most updates only take a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on your internet speed and the size of the downloads. Once finished, you’ll see a report with details on each installation.

And that’s all there is to it! IObit makes scanning, selecting, and installing software updates incredibly fast and hassle-free. No more manually checking each program for new versions available.

Customizing Scans

Once you have the IObit Software Updater installed, you can customize the automatic scan options to suit your preferences best. Here are some of the ways to customize scans:

Automatic Scans

The software includes options for automatic scans to check your installed programs for available updates regularly. You can enable automatic scans and choose how often you want them to run, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. The more frequent the scans, the quicker you’ll be notified of any ready updates.

Scheduling Scans

In addition to automatic scans, you can also schedule specific scans to run at set times and days. For example, you may want a weekly scan scheduled every Monday morning to start your week with the latest updates. The scheduling feature allows you to choose the exact time and frequency of scans.

Silent Updates

A handy option with IObit is enabling silent updates for automatic installations in the background without any prompts or notifications interrupting you. Once enabled, the software updater will automatically download and install updates silently as soon as they are detected in a scan.

With all the customization options for scans, you can configure IObit Software Updater to best fit your needs and preferences for keeping apps updated efficiently. The auto scans, scheduling, and silent updates ensure you’re running the latest versions without much effort.

Safety and Performance

Upgrading your software with IObit is safe and will not negatively impact your PC’s performance. Keeping your apps updated improves security and system stability.

IObit Software Updater uses trusted official sources to download legitimate software updates. All downloads are scanned for malware, adware, and viruses before they reach your computer. This protects you against compromised updates that cybercriminals may try to distribute.

The updater only installs updates that are thoroughly tested for compatibility with your system. It won’t automatically upgrade to a new major version, which could potentially cause conflicts. This prevents the issues that can occur when manually updating without checking release notes.

The updating process runs smoothly in the background without taxing your CPU or RAM. You can customize the priority level in the settings to ensure the program doesn’t interfere with your active tasks and workflows. It can even be scheduled to run scans during idle times when you aren’t using your computer.

By keeping your software updated, you reduce vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malware and hackers. The updater integrates with IObit Malware Fighter to protect against viruses and cyberattacks comprehensively. Together, these programs enhance the security of your PC and give you peace of mind.

With IObit Software Updater, you can stay up-to-date without performance drawbacks or security risks. It’s a safe set-it-and-forget-it solution for effortless updating.

Integrations with other IObit Tools

IObit Software Updater works seamlessly with other products from IObit to keep your PC running fast and secure. Here are some of the key integrations:

IObit Driver Booster

Driver Booster keeps device drivers up-to-date to improve performance and fix issues caused by outdated drivers. IObit Software Updater detects when updated drivers are available and prompts Driver Booster to download and install them. This ensures your hardware drivers never get overlooked during software updates.

IObit Uninstaller

With IObit Uninstaller, you can cleanly and completely remove unwanted programs from your PC. IObit Software Updater detects when a new version of a program is available and prompts Uninstaller to remove the old version before installing the update. This streamlines updating by automating the uninstall process.

IObit Malware Fighter

Malware Fighter provides comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, adware, and ransomware. IObit Software Updater can automatically trigger a malware scan after installing updates to check for any new threats that may have slipped in during the update process. This adds an extra layer of security.

IObit Software Updater Pro

The Pro version unlocks additional features in IObit Software Updater, including automatic background updating and silent software installs. You can use a license key from this guide to activate Pro and take full advantage of the integrations with Driver Booster, Uninstaller, and Malware Fighter to keep your PC optimized.

Tips and Tricks for IObit Software Updater

IObit Software Updater has some handy options to customize your experience. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of the software updater:

Use the Ignore List

The ignore list allows you to select apps you don’t want IObit to update automatically. This ensures updates only happen to the software you approve.

Go to the Settings tab > General > Ignore List to use the ignore list. Click Add and select any apps you want to ignore. These will now be skipped during update scans.

Adjust Notification Settings

You can configure notifications within IObit to your preferences. Go to Settings > General > Notification to customize when to receive update alerts and notifications.

For example, enable a notification when new updates are available after a scan. You can also get notifications when updates fail or complete successfully. Adjust these to suit your needs.

Exclude Blacklisted Updates

Some known problematic Windows updates are blacklisted in IObit to prevent them from installing and causing potential problems with your system.

However, you can go to Settings > General > Do not install blacklisted updates if you prefer to override this setting and allow all updates, including any blacklisted ones, to be installed.

Use the blacklist exclusion with caution, as some updates may be incompatible. Leaving the setting enabled is generally recommended for most users.

FAQs for IObit Software Updater 6 License Key 2023

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about IObit Software Updater 6 License Key 2023:

What types of apps can IObit update?

IObit can update most common software applications and drivers, including web browsers, media players, PDF readers, codecs, utilities, graphics editors, plugins, and more across over 150 brands. It detects both well-known apps and obscure freeware.

Does it work with software from Microsoft or Adobe?

Yes, IObit can update programs from major brands like Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Apple, and more by checking their official repositories. It also finds updates for many free, open-source applications.

Will it automatically update programs without asking me?

No, IObit will only scan for available updates and notify you of what was found. You remain in full control and must approve each update before it downloads and installs.

Is it free, or are there hidden costs?

The core software updating features are 100% free. There is a Pro version with additional tools, but you can unlock it indefinitely using one of the free license keys listed on this page.

What if IObit misses an update or doesn’t have the latest version?

The database is frequently updated and should contain all the newest releases. But you can still manually install updates separately if needed.

Does it work on older versions of Windows?

IObit supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Just make sure to download the installer for your specific OS version.

Will it interfere with other programs on my PC?

No, IObit works safely alongside your existing security, utility, and productivity programs. It won’t cause conflicts or overrides.

Is it safe to download and run?

IObit is 100% verified safe and used by over 250 million people worldwide. Independent testing confirms it is malware and virus-free.

Conclusion – IObit Software Updater 6 License Key 2023

In summary, IObit Software Updater 6 is a valuable tool for keeping all your installed software up-to-date automatically and free of charge. With its intuitive interface, customizable scans, and wide range of supported programs, it takes the hassle out of manually checking and updating dozens of applications.

Key benefits of using IObit Software Updater include:

  • Automatically detecting and installing the latest versions of installed software
  • Skipping negligible updates and updating only important security/feature updates
  • Monitoring for outdated drivers for improved hardware performance
  • Saving time from manual checks and research for software updates
  • Avoiding bugs, crashes, and vulnerabilities with outdated software versions
  • Unlocking the full potential of applications by updating to the latest releases
  • Integration with other useful IObit system utilities and optimizations

If you want an easy way to keep your Windows PC running smoothly with updated software, download IObit Software Updater today. The pro version is fully unlocked with the free license keys provided in this guide, granting access to all the extra configuration options. As well as keeping your computer safe and fast, you’ll also support the continued development of IObit’s excellent free system utilities.


Related Software

IObit Software Updater competes against other popular software updater tools. Here are some alternatives to consider:

Patch My PC

Patch My PC is a free, lightweight program that helps update applications. It has a simple interface and lets you pick which apps to update. Patch My PC doesn’t offer real-time monitoring like IObit but runs on-demand scans. It supports updating over 200 programs and integrates with the Windows task scheduler.

FileHippo App Manager

FileHippo App Manager is a widely used updater tool. It scans for updates and lets you schedule automatic checks. FileHippo can update over 100 programs and works alongside existing updaters bundled with some apps. It has a streamlined interface and extra features like file shredder and browser cleanup tools.

Glarysoft Software Update Pro

Glarysoft Software Update Pro provides real-time checks, scheduled scans, and update automation. It supports fixing broken installers and updating over 3000 programs. The Pro version adds features like startup page control, ad blocking, and privacy protections. However, it has a dated interface compared to IObit’s modern design.

Slimware Utilities Update Checker

Slimware Utilities Update Checker offers configurable, automatic update checks for many apps. It has scheduling options and reminds you to install updates after scanning. Unlike IObit’s wider PC optimization features, the tool focuses solely on software updating. But it provides reliable updates in a lightweight, fast package.

Ashampoo Software Updater

Ashampoo Software Updater provides comprehensive software update monitoring. It can update over 400 programs and check against its online database for the latest versions. Features include silent updating, portable usage, and a gaming mode. Ashampoo Updater has a slick, minimal interface but fewer extras than IObit’s robust toolkit.