How Generation Zero is Pioneering the Future of Cross-Platform Gaming

Generation Zero is an open-world first-person shooter video game developed by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios. The game takes place in an alternate 1980s Sweden that is overrun by hostile machines.

In Generation Zero, you play as a teenager trying to survive and figure out what happened to all the inhabitants of your hometown. During an unexplained event, robots have invaded the serene Swedish countryside and you must use your wits, skill and whatever weapons you can find to stay alive.

Gameplay in Generation Zero focuses on guerrilla tactics, as you fight back alone or in a small group against the overwhelming odds. You’ll need to scavenge for weapons and supplies while attempting to lure, distract and destroy enemies in order to progress through the levels. Stealth and strategy are key as you’ll often be outnumbered and outgunned by your robotic foes.

The open world design allows players freedom to approach objectives in different ways. As you explore the expansive map, you’ll uncover clues as to how and why the robots appeared, while developing your character’s abilities and gear. With its retro 1980s setting and hostile robot invasion premise, Generation Zero provides a unique survival-based first-person shooter experience.

Explanation of Cross-Platform Play

Cross-platform play refers to the ability for players on different gaming platforms to play with or against each other. This is made possible through the games integrating online components across the platforms.

For example, Fortnite players on Xbox One can squad up with players on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for the same online multiplayer match. This interconnectivity breaks down the historical console barriers and brings gamers together regardless of their platform of choice.

Some key aspects of cross-platform play:

  • It requires the game developers to implement online connectivity between all supported platforms. This involves coding network protocols to enable cross-compatibility.
  • Gaming platforms like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Switch Online have to allow interconnectivity with each other. Previously they operated as closed systems.
  • Cross-play is now possible due to advancement in online gaming infrastructure and networking capabilities. High speed internet further enables smooth cross-platform multiplayer experiences.

The major benefits of cross-platform play include:

  • Larger player base for multiplayer matchmaking. Gamers on less popular platforms benefit the most.
  • Ability to play with friends who own different consoles. Keeping the gaming community connected.
  • Longer lifespan for multiplayer games by combing players across platforms.
  • Provides players with choice of platform without worrying about missing out on multiplayer activity.

In summary, cross-platform play removes artificial barriers and brings greater connectivity and choice to multiplayer gaming. It represents an evolution in the gaming landscape.

Platforms Supported by Generation Zero

Generation Zero is available on the following platforms:

  • PC – Generation Zero can be played on Windows PC through Steam or the Microsoft Store. The Steam and Microsoft Store versions support cross-play between PC and Xbox One/Series X|S.
  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S – On Xbox consoles, Generation Zero is playable through the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass. Cross-play is available between Xbox and PC.
  • PlayStation 4 – On PlayStation, Generation Zero is available via the PlayStation Store. Currently, there is no cross-play capability with other platforms for the PlayStation version.

Is Generation Zero Cross Platform?

Generation Zero offers cross-platform multiplayer between PC and Xbox One. This allows players on Xbox One to play cooperatively with players on PC, providing a larger player base to team up with.

Cross-play is enabled between the Windows Store version on PC and the Xbox One version. However, the Steam version on PC currently does not support cross-play with other platforms. The developers have cited technical limitations in getting the Steam build to sync up for cross-play.

While PlayStation 4 is not currently included in Generation Zero’s cross-platform capabilities, there is speculation that it may be added in a future update. The developers have expressed interest in expanding cross-play to PlayStation, but have not yet confirmed specific plans to implement it. Adding PlayStation to cross-play would further unite the Generation Zero community and player base across all major platforms.

For now, those on PC and Xbox One can enjoy seamless cooperative multiplayer between the two platforms. Players hoping to play with their friends should double-check that they both have the Windows Store version on PC or the Xbox One version to take advantage of Generation Zero’s cross-platform co-op.

Requirements for Cross-Platform Play

To take advantage of Generation Zero’s cross-platform capabilities between PC and Xbox platforms, there are a couple of requirements players need to fulfill:

  • Ownership of the game through the Microsoft Store – Players on PC need to have purchased Generation Zero through the Microsoft Store, rather than through another PC platform like Steam. The Steam version currently does not support cross-play.
  • Active Xbox Game Pass subscription – For both PC and Xbox players, you need an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass. This subscription service is what enables the cross-save and cross-play functions. As long as you have the game through Microsoft and an active Game Pass membership, you can play between PC and Xbox.

So in summary, to access cross-platform play on Generation Zero, you need to own the game through the Microsoft Store (not Steam) and have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription linked to your Microsoft account. This allows your in-game progress and multiplayer functionality to sync across both platforms.

How to Set Up Cross-Platform Play

To take full advantage of Generation Zero’s cross-platform capabilities and play with friends on different platforms, you’ll need to properly set up cross-play. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. First, make sure you own Generation Zero on Xbox One or PC. The game needs to be purchased through the Microsoft Store on either platform.
  2. Xbox users will automatically have access to cross-play in Generation Zero.
  3. For PC users, you need to have the Microsoft Store version of Generation Zero, not the Steam version.
  4. On PC, launch the Microsoft Store and find Generation Zero. Select “Cross-platform play” in the settings and make sure it is enabled.
  5. Join or create a multiplayer session in Generation Zero.
  6. Send your friends on the other platform an invite to join the same session.
  7. Once they accept the invite, both Xbox and PC players should now be playing together in the same online session!
  8. Voice chat between platforms can be achieved using Xbox Party Chat. Have all players join the same party on Xbox to communicate.
  9. Optionally, enable cross-platform progression in the settings to share unlocks and achievements across platforms.

And that’s it! By following these steps, you can start enjoying Generation Zero with friends no matter what platform they are on. Cross-play provides expanded multiplayer functionality for this unique co-op game.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Play in Generation Zero

Cross-platform play provides some major benefits for Generation Zero players. By opening up the ability to play together across PC and Xbox platforms, the game sees a significant increase in its overall player base.

With more players able to match up together, it becomes much easier to find other players to team up with. You’ll have an expanded pool of players to join up with for co-op sessions. This is a major plus for multiplayer engagement.

Cross-platform play also leads to a better overall multiplayer experience. Matchmaking times are reduced since there are more players to connect with. You can find players closer to your skill level due to the larger player pool. There is also more diversity among the players you encounter.

By combining the PC and Xbox audiences, multiplayer sessions become more active and enjoyable. You’re more likely to have full teams of cooperating players working together. The expanded player base makes Generation Zero feel more alive and vibrant.

Challenges in Implementing Cross-Platform Play

Cross-platform play brings many benefits but also comes with some challenges in implementation, especially for a complex open-world game like Generation Zero. Here are some of the main challenges the developers have faced:

Technical Limitations

Enabling completely smooth cross-platform multiplayer requires overcoming technical hurdles. Games must be programmed to connect players across platforms, sync gameplay, and handle differences in hardware. For example, PC players may have advantages in graphics, frame rates, and controls compared to console players. These imbalances can be difficult to fully address.

Generation Zero’s developers have worked to optimize cross-play between PC and Xbox, but some technical limitations still cause issues. The Xbox version does not support cross-play with Steam due to technical restrictions. Players have also reported bugs and glitches specific to the cross-platform experience. Continued work is required to polish and improve the implementation.

Platform Restrictions

Major console platforms also have policies and restrictions around cross-play implementation. PlayStation currently does not allow cross-play with other consoles. This blocks Generation Zero from expanding cross-play to PlayStation players. While the developers wish to support full cross-platform multiplayer, they are limited by factors outside of their control.

Platform holders often cite security concerns and the desire to control their ecosystems as reasons to restrict open cross-play. However, as player expectations grow, restrictions may loosen over time. But currently, platform politics pose challenges to games like Generation Zero hoping to enable full cross-platform support.

Future Prospects for Cross-Platform Play

The developers of Generation Zero have hinted at plans to expand cross-platform capabilities in the future. While full details have not been revealed, the team has acknowledged interest in opening up cross-play to PlayStation players.

In community forums and discussions, many Generation Zero fans have expressed hopes for expanded cross-play. Players want the ability to play with friends who own the game on other platforms. There is also enthusiasm around the potential for larger multiplayer lobbies by combining the player base across platforms.

Some key hopes expressed by the Generation Zero community include:

  • Cross-play between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation
  • Cross-progression and unified accounts across platforms
  • Cross-platform lobbies and matches
  • Cross-platform voice chat
  • Parity in gameplay and features across platforms

While the developers have not made any concrete promises, expanding cross-play would allow Generation Zero to tap into a combined player base across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. With a strong community rooting for full cross-platform capabilities, the future looks bright for opening up Generation Zero gameplay across all platforms.


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about cross-platform play in Generation Zero:

Is Generation Zero a cross-platform game?

Yes, Generation Zero supports cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One. Players on these platforms can play together in multiplayer.

On which platforms is Generation Zero available?

Generation Zero is available on PC (Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Cross-platform play is currently only supported between the PC and Xbox One versions.

Is Generation Zero multiplayer?

Yes, Generation Zero has online 4-player co-op multiplayer in addition to single-player. Cross-platform multiplayer is available between PC and Xbox One.

Can Xbox players play with PC players in Generation Zero?

Yes, Xbox One players can play with PC players in Generation Zero through cross-platform multiplayer. This allows them to play together in the same sessions.

Can Generation Zero players on different platforms play together?

Currently, cross-platform multiplayer is only supported between PC and Xbox One. Players on PlayStation 4 cannot play with those on PC or Xbox One. The developers have indicated this may be added in the future.

Are there any special requirements for Generation Zero cross-play?

To utilize cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One, PC players must own the game through the Microsoft Store, not Steam. Xbox players need an Xbox Live account. No additional requirements are needed.


Generation Zero offers an exciting cross-platform experience, allowing players on PC and Xbox to team up and explore its immersive open world together. The game’s cross-play capabilities are currently limited to the Microsoft Store version on PC and all Xbox platforms, but the potential for expanding to Steam and even PlayStation in the future shows promise.

While technical challenges and platform restrictions exist, Generation Zero has made significant strides in enabling cross-platform multiplayer for the majority of its player base. Developers Avalanche Studios and Systemic Reaction have expressed interest in continuing to improve cross-play features, as this connectivity significantly enhances the game’s cooperative gameplay.

Overall, the current state of Generation Zero cross-platform play allows Xbox and PC gamers to unite in facing its hostile robotic enemies. As the title continues evolving, players can expect an even more unified cross-platform experience where platform allegiance becomes less important than banding together in the struggle for survival.