Monopoly Go Free Dice Links for 2024 – Roll to Win

Monopoly is one of the most popular and beloved board games ever. First published in 1935, Monopoly allows players to experience the highs and lows of the real estate market, buying and trading properties to drive opponents into bankruptcy. While the classic board game is still enjoyed by many, the digital age has opened up new possibilities for the franchise. Now, numerous digital and online adaptations of Monopoly provide new twists on the classic gameplay.

One of the most popular digital incarnations is Monopoly Go. This app-based version for mobile devices streamlines the game into quick, exciting matches. While it loses some of the depth of the original, it makes up for it with faster turns and accessibility. One of the key features of Monopoly Go that enhances gameplay is the “Free Dice Links” system. By providing players with extra free dice rolls, these links add an extra strategic element as users decide when it is most advantageous to use them. With free dice rolls being a valuable commodity in Monopoly Go, players need to understand how they work.

What Is Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go is a digital adaptation of the classic Monopoly board game brought to mobile devices and tablets. The gameplay features interactive 3D graphics and animations that bring the Monopoly world to life. Players can still buy properties, build houses and hotels, and charge rent, just like in the original game.

One of the biggest differences in Monopoly Go is the speed of play. Games are designed to be faster and more streamlined, with new mechanics like double rent on full property sets and getting kicked off properties you don’t own yet. The game can be played in short 5-10 minute bursts or longer marathon sessions.

Monopoly Go also incorporates challenges and quests to earn rewards. Players complete tasks like landing on Boardwalk or building 3 houses to earn coins, avatars, badges, and other collectibles. Leveling up unlocks new cities and themed boards to explore beyond the classic Atlantic City layout.

The digital version offers both online multiplayer against people around the world as well as an offline mode with AI opponents. It provides the social fun of Monopoly with friends and family combined with quick on-the-go gaming.

Monopoly Go has proven popular with kids and adults alike. The Monopoly brand’s familiarity crosses generations, allowing families to enjoy a gaming experience they already understand. The app’s bright colors, animations, and accessibility also appeal to younger audiences. At the same time, older players appreciate the ability to play a nostalgic board game digitally. For gaming fans of all ages, Monopoly Go delivers the classic real estate competition in a fresh new package.

The Role of Dice in Monopoly Go

Dice play a critical role in determining player actions and outcomes in Monopoly Go. At the start of each turn, players must roll two six-sided dice to determine how many spaces they can move their token on the board. The dice rolls drive gameplay by introducing an element of chance and randomness.

Rolling doubles allows the player to take another turn, potentially enabling them to buy properties or collect rent faster. However, rolling a low number can also force a player to lose a turn or land on unfavorable spaces. The dice, therefore, inject excitement and unpredictability into the game.

Monopoly Go also introduces the concept of “Free Dice.” Players can obtain Free Dice through various means, such as watching short video ads, connecting the game to Facebook, checking in daily, or clicking on special links.

Unlike regular dice rolls, Free Dice allow players to move their tokens without any element of chance. With Free Dice, players can strategically move to land on desired properties or avoid landing on risky spaces. This gives players more control and changes the traditional Monopoly gameplay.

Using Free Dice effectively is crucial for success in Monopoly Go. Players must balance using Free Dice to pursue a deliberate strategy while still leaving some gameplay aspects to chance with regular dice rolls. Mastering this balance between certainty and uncertainty is key to maximizing one’s advantage.

Exploring Free Dice Links

Free dice links are a special feature in Monopoly Go that give players free dice rolls to use during the game. These links are accessible through various online sources and platforms. When clicked, they provide players with extra dice that can be used to move around the board and acquire properties.

The main benefit of free dice links is that they provide players with additional rolls without needing to use the dice they earn through gameplay. This gives them more opportunities to land on properties, earn money from rents, and build their monopolies faster. Having more dice is especially useful toward the late stages of a game when money is low but rent costs are high.

To access free dice links, players can find dedicated forums, threads, and groups on social media and community sites where these links are shared. Helpful members of the Monopoly Go community often post working links they’ve found so that others can also benefit. Players simply need to click on a valid free dice link and they will receive the free dice immediately in their game. It’s an easy way to gain more rolls.

The number of free dice awarded per link varies, but usually ranges from 1-3 bonus rolls. Players should use these wisely and strategically incorporate them into their gameplay for optimal advantage. Overall, free dice links give players more flexibility and options during their Monopoly Go games.

How To Get Free Dice On Monopoly Go

There are a few different ways to get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go.

Working Monopoly Go Dice Links

Here’s a list of the working Monopoly Go Free Dice Links:

All Wheel Links In Monopoly Go

Here is a list of all the current free dice wheel links in Monopoly Go:

These links can provide between 1-3 free dice rolls when clicked. The links tend to change frequently, so check community forums and groups for updated wheel links.

How To Get Monopoly Go Free Rolls

In addition to the wheel links above, there are a few other ways to get free dice rolls in Monopoly Go:

  • Leveling up – You get 1 free roll every time you level up your Monopoly Go account. Leveling happens faster by completing achievements.
  • Daily login – Check in daily to get a free roll.
  • Watching ads – You can watch short video ads in exchange for free rolls.
  • Referring friends – Refer new players and get free rolls when they join.
  • Promotions and events – Limited time promotions may provide free rolls.
  • Reporting issues – If you experience a bug, you may get compensation in the form of free rolls.

The most reliable way to get consistent free rolls is through the wheel links. Take advantage of the other methods too for extra free dice.

How to Use Free Dice Links Effectively

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links

Using Free Dice Links effectively in Monopoly Go requires some strategy and planning to maximize their benefits. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Time Your Rolls

The first key tip is to use your Free Dice Links right before you take a move in the game. This allows you to roll and move in quick succession, not giving other players a chance to block you. Don’t use a Free Dice Link roll too early or you may get blocked before moving.

2. Target Key Properties and Monopolies

Use your free rolls to target landing on properties you need to complete sets or monopolies. Having a monopoly allows you to charge higher rent and earn more from opponents. Free rolls make it easier to land on key properties you need.

3. Upgrade Properties Quickly

Free rolls also enable you to earn rent faster and upgrade properties quicker. With upgraded houses and hotels, you can charge much higher rent. The extra rolls help you earn the cash to keep improving your properties.

4. Avoid Landing on Other Properties

When using a Free Dice Link, check what spaces you could potentially land on. Avoid landing on property owned by other players, as you’ll have to pay them rent. Target your Free Dice Links to land on Chance, Community Chest, taxes, or property you own.

5. Use at Critical Moments

Save your Free Dice Links for when you really need them. This includes when you are low on cash, need to catch up to other players, or have to complete key monopolies. Using them at critical points in the game can give you a competitive edge.

6. Maximize Your Turn

With careful play, you can use your Free Dice Link roll and regular roll together to maximize your turn. For example, a Free Dice Link roll to just hit a Chance space, followed by your regular roll to land on a key property space.

Using these tips, Free Dice Links give you a big strategic boost in Monopoly Go. Time them right, target key properties, and use them sparingly for when you need them most.

Impact of Free Dice on Monopoly Go Strategy

The introduction of free dice links in Monopoly Go has significantly impacted gameplay strategy. Having access to additional free dice rolls gives players more options and control over the game.

When playing without free dice, strategy is largely focused on making the most of every roll and carefully considering when to purchase properties or make trades. Players must play more conservatively, only making big moves when the dice fall in their favor.

With free dice in the mix, players can take more risks, knowing they can generate additional rolls as needed. This allows for bolder moves like quickly expanding across the board or demanding higher rents from opponents. Players may focus less on property management and more on disruption strategies with the safety net of free dice.

The free dice links encourage players to think beyond just their current dice roll. Having a guaranteed source of extra rolls in reserve allows looking farther ahead in the game. Players can plan longer-term strategies and feel less reliant on chance.

In summary, free dice promote a more dynamic, fast-paced style of play. Players need to balance utilizing their free rolls at key moments with maintaining enough links in reserve. This added dimension allows for more creativity and flexibility in strategic play. The free dice links reward planning and introduce more player agency into Monopoly Go.

Finding and Sharing Free Dice Links

Free dice links for Monopoly Go can be found in various online communities and forums dedicated to mobile gaming. Here are some of the main places to find active links:

  • Monopoly Go Subreddits – There are subreddits like r/monopoly where players regularly post free dice links and codes. You can browse recent posts or make a request.

  • Discord Servers – Many gaming Discord servers have dedicated channels for sharing Monopoly Go free dice links. Join an active server related to mobile games.

  • Facebook Groups – Search Facebook for Monopoly Go groups and pages. Members often post free dice links to help each other out.

  • Gaming Forums – Check forums like TouchArcade to find threads about Monopoly Go with the latest free dice links.

When sharing free dice links with others, proper etiquette is encouraged:

  • Only share working, active links that have not expired. Do not share old inactive links.

  • When posting a link on forums or social media, mention that it is for Monopoly Go free dice.

  • Avoid spamming links unsolicited or in irrelevant discussions.

  • Use links judiciously if there are limited dice available. Allow others to also benefit.

  • Show gratitude when someone shares a link with you or the community.

  • Pay it forward by sharing any new links you obtain with the community. Help keep the free dice chain going!

Following these tips on sharing etiquette makes it more enjoyable for everyone and creates a friendlier community for Monopoly Go players.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Free Dice Links?

Free Dice Links are special links that provide players with free rolls or dice in Monopoly Go. When clicked, these links instantly add 1-3 dice to your game that can be used anytime.

Where can I find Free Dice Links?

You can find Free Dice Links in various places online like social media groups, forums, blogs, etc. Popular sources are the Monopoly Go Reddit page, Facebook fan groups, and game chat servers on Discord. Some links are shared publicly while others are posted in private groups.

How often can I use Free Dice Links?

Most Free Dice Links can only be used once per player account. So you cannot continuously click the same link to stockpile a huge dice stash. There are some links that work multiple times, but these are rare. The normal limit is 1-3 dice per link.

Do Free Dice Links expire?

Yes, these links eventually expire after a certain period of time or number of uses. Some last a few hours, others a few days. This is why new working links are constantly being shared among players.

Is it cheating to use Free Dice Links?

Technically no, as long as the links come from legitimate sources and not hacking/mods. The developers allow these free dice links to be shared as they encourage more gameplay. Just don’t overuse them to disrupt leaderboards.

Can Free Dice Links be dangerous?

In rare cases, fake links spread malware. Only use links from trusted sources and do not enter your login or personal info. Most links are safe as they take you directly to the game. But be cautious when clicking shorter redirect links.

How do I share Free Dice Links with others?

Post them in relevant game forums, groups and chats. Please do not spam links randomly or where they are prohibited. Also don’t overshare links that have limited uses. Follow group rules and be considerate of others.


Monopoly Go’s use of free dice links provides an extra element of excitement and strategy to this classic board game adapted for mobile. We’ve covered the significance of dice within the game, what exactly free dice links are, and how to find and utilize them for maximum benefit.

While dice rolls introduce an aspect of chance, having a stash of free dice links allows you to mitigate bad luck. Using them at key moments can help turn the game in your favor. But employing them effectively takes some thoughtful strategy.

Overall, free dice links give players more control and options during gameplay. Though they don’t guarantee a win, they enable you to better respond to the changing dynamics of a Monopoly Go match. Mastering their use requires practice, but those who do can gain a competitive edge.

Hopefully this guide has provided a comprehensive look at this unique feature of the Monopoly Go experience. Feel free to share any other tips or insights from your own gameplay in the comments! How have you leveraged free dice links to your advantage?