Pitfalls of Manual Repricing on Amazon

Today, every seller knows that Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace and you need to act quickly if you want to stand out. Sellers are constantly in the struggle to win sales, get the Buy Box, and make profits. One of the most common yet highly effective strategies that sellers employ to win the race is repricing; which means updating their product prices according to demand, and competition. While repricing can help you in the journey, sellers must refrain from manually repricing their products. It comes with several disadvantages, which might affect you in the long run.

In this blog, let’s talk about how manual repricing is a big NO and why Amazon sellers should switch to automated repricing tools for better results.

Waste of time

Manually repricing your products on Amazon is like a full-time job. You get no breaks. Sellers constantly need to monitor the market prices, and competitor’s prices to make sure they are on top of the list in terms of pricing. You need to change the prices multiple times a day, and if you don’t; you lose sales. You get overwhelmed and times trying to keep up, especially if you offer multiple products on Amazon and have a large inventory. The time sellers spend on manual repricing can be saved and used for better tasks that can help you grow on Amazon like marketing, product sourcing, and handling customers. An Amazon repricing tool factors in all the essentials such as competitor’s prices, shipping costs, and Amazon costs, to reprice products accordingly while maintaining a good profit margin for your business. It’s a total win!

Susceptible to mistakes

Making mistakes while repricing your products can cost you an arm and a lag at times. And yes, we are not exaggerating! Human error is quite common when Amazon sellers adjust prices on Amazon. They can mistakenly price their products too high, which results in them losing sales, or too low, which ends up harming their profit margins. In short, a single repricing mistake can make or break your position on Amazon, at least for a certain amount of time.

Automated repricing reduces the chances of errors, and helps you keep accurate, and attractive prices on Amazon to get maximum sales.

Delayed responses

As mentioned, in such a highly competitive marketplace, where prices are changed constantly, you can’t survive with delayed responses. Manual repricing restricts sellers from reacting to price changes on time. By the time you notice a price change and respond, the seller might have already made a sale and won. Giving that edge to the competitor can be quite damaging for your business. Why take the risk? An Amazon repricer instantly responds back to the price changes happening around you and keeps your prices competitive so that you get the sale each time.

Human emotions can be harmful

It’s easy for sellers to get discouraged and stop repricing if they lose a sale. Similarly, they can get too comfortable with a certain price point and wouldn’t want to change it even if they start getting fewer customers. On Amazon, you can’t afford to be emotional. It is important to stay motivated, even when the times get rough. To eliminate this factor, people are now moving towards automated repricing on Amazon. It handles everything too well, without giving you mini heart attacks!

Difficulty in keeping up with the Ongoing Promotions on Amazon

Amazon keeps all these special events and promotional offers to help buyers get the best deals and for sellers to earn maximum profits. However, manually repricing products during these opportunities can be quite daunting and honestly, a little tardy. However, an Amazon repricing tool is designed to handle such challenges and keep the best product prices during promotions to drive more sales.

In conclusion,

Even when you are currently happy with manual repricing, you can’t simply ignore the advantages Automated repricing brings to the table. It is efficient, time-saving, and helps you stay competitive on Amazon without too much effort. Moreover, it saves you from human error and scalability limitations. Now is the chance to try an Amazon repricing software and grow your business faster than ever. Thank us later!