Sim Not Provisioned – Reasons, Solutions And FAQ’s

If you are getting SIM NOT PROVISIONED error on your smartphone, then it is a serious issue that you should not avoid. Not only that, the error can be “SIM not provisioned mm2”. These types of errors mean you will not be able to use your phone.

It tells you that you are not able to use your sim card or your mobile is not recognizing the sim. In return, you cannot use cellular data or perform other activities that require a SIM card. If this describes your current situation, refer to the troubleshooting steps below.

Before going to the solutions, let us know about the causes behind the errors.

Reasons of Error

When you get or see a message on your smartphone, you should sort out this issue. You should know about the problem and prevent it as soon as possible because it is due to the SIM card’s carrier network. If the SIM card is new, perhaps it hasn’t been registered or activated by the carrier provider.

These are the reasons that can cause the error:

  1. You might use an old version or did not update the latest version then might be The carrier network has blocked your SIM card.
  2. It can be possible that The carrier network is experiencing downtime, particularly with SIM card activation.
  3. You are not in the area where your network is stable or not in your network carrier coverage area.

Above all, these are the main causes behind SIM-not-provisioned, so you should resolve them.

Methods to Resolve Error

Here we are going to provide simple methods to resolve the issue if your mobile is showing sim card not provisioned.

Enable Airplane Mode

Restart Your Smartphone

First of all, you should check airplane mode. If it is not, then you should turn the airplane mode on and wait for a few seconds, then turn it on. This process will refresh your device, and your cellular data can eliminate that error.

To sort it out, you should open your phone’s Notification Drawer (for Android) or Control Center (for iPhone) and tap the airplane icon. Then you have to wait for a few seconds as well as tap the same icon to disable airplane mode. Try the next trick if your phone still displays the error message.

Restart Your Smartphone

Enable Airplane Mode

To resolve the error, you should restart your smartphone. Most electronics will work after turning it off. It saves your time as well as effort since you only need to reset your phone, and that’s all.

Usually, you can hold the slide button with the volume up or down button. If the error still occurs, then you should follow the next step.

Reset the SIM card

The next step is to check if the sim card is placed correctly or not. You can check by using the golden chip that stores all details /sim has gotten dirty. Sometimes, the shaking mobile can lose the position of the sim and end in that error.

Here’s what to do based on the number and type of SIM cards:

i) You Have Only One SIM Card

No matter what size of your sim card is, you should remove it. When you have removed it, you should wipe it with a clean cloth and a drop of rubbing alcohol if you have. Otherwise, it would be okay to rub it with a soft cloth. After that, you should insert the SIM card again and check it. Hopefully, your issue has been resolved, but it is not, then you should open the SIM card slot by using the sim remove tool. If your mobile has another slot, then place the sim card in there.

ii) You Use Dual SIM or Triple SIM

Sometimes, the message is not just “Sim didn’t provision” but it is SIM Card not provisioned MM#2“or “SIM card two not provisioned.” It is because if your smartphone is using a hybrid SIM slot and your smartphone has two sim cards inserted. In that case, you should change the sim positions by swapping.

iii) You Use An Embedded SIM Card

Since we know that eSIM is soldered, that makes it impossible to remove it physically or swap anything. Other than that, you can do a soft reset, essentially disable the network, then reconnect.

Did you Activate Your SIM Card?

The most important aspect is that you activated your SIM card. If not, you should know that now network providers add a few more requirements, such as calling a specific phone number, signing in to an account on their website, or installing an application on your Android or iOS phone.

Each work comes with its own needs that you have to update. So if you have not properly installed your SIM card, you should look at this point to the carriers to know if additional requirements are needed.

Got a New Smartphone but Used an old SIM Card?

New Smartphone but Used an old SIM Card

Another thing that interrupts your sim card is how old it is? Sometimes, old sims don’t support network technology such as GSM, CDMA, LTE, etc. So if you are facing problems like this, then it might be the reason is that your sim card is old.

Moreover, sometimes, outdated sim cards don’t support the latest technology, such as supporting 3G only while your smartphone is configured to work with 4G or even 5G. In this situation, you should get a new sim card from your nearer carrier or get one for free as part of a postpaid SIM benefits package.

Got a New SIM Card with the Same Phone Number?

If the above steps would not work, you should consider this step. You should make sure that if you have stolen your smartphone or give it away without ejecting the SIM card. Or might that you have entered the pin incorrectly so many times, these all possibilities can occur.

In all cases, the process of connecting to the network might not be instantaneous. It can take hours, even a full day or two, to complete the transition and authentication processes. Luckily, the “SIM card not provisioned“ will go away on its own afterward.

Has your SIM Card Expired?

Has your SIM Card Expired?

If you are having a postpaid sim, then it is not going to happen.  Since carriers repeatedly remind you that your contract is about to expire. On the other hand, if you are using the prepaid sim, it would be a serious issue. Regarding that, you have to check first, check the carrier’s website for conditions. Then, to stop the “SIM card not provisioned“ error from popping up, either make a payment or purchase a new SIM card.

Are You Outside of the Network-covered Area?

It could also be a problem if you are abroad and getting that error. It might be a chance that data roaming is disabled, and it prevents excessive charges. That’s not all the problem with a sim card. Let us know what the boundaries that you should know are:

First of all, you should open the setting and Select Network & Internet.

  1. Then you should open the mobile network option.
  2. After that, Toggle Roaming or Data roaming to on.
  3. Follow these steps to turn on data roaming on iOS 13
  4. Open Settings and select Cellular.
  5. Tap on Cellular Data Options and Toggle Data Roaming to on.

How to Install Carrier Setting Updates?

Carrier Setting Updates

You should also consider this aspect, and If your carrier setting is required updation, you should install it to fix the issue you are facing. When it comes to the carrier settings, it has lots of functions to consider. For instance, if your cellular carrier introduces new features such as wi-fi calling, you should hold the configurations. The updated configurations have the power to eliminate the error.

More than that, the bug fixes that patch cellular connectivity issues should be rolled out to your device. It includes carrier settings updates. In addition to this, these updates are automatically installed when you insert a new SIM card into your phone. Sometimes, you’ll get a prompt instructing you to install a cellular update.

However, at certain times, you have to manually check for cellular settings updates. Regarding this, you should follow these steps:

Before installation, you should make sure to have a stable WI-FI or mobile data connection.

Install Carrier Settings Update on iPhone

For this purpose, you should Go to Settings > General > About and check for an option to update carrier settings. If you don’t find this option on the page, your iPhone has the latest carrier settings.

Install Carrier Settings Update on Android

You should Navigate to Settings > About phone and look out for an Update profile button. On some Android devices, you’ll find this option on the System updates page; go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

However, if you are facing problems while finding a carrier settings update on both pages, check if your phone has a dedicated Carrier Settings page. You may find this in Settings > Cellular network > Carrier settings. Better yet, search for “carrier settings” using the search box on the Settings page.

Your phone most likely has the latest carrier settings installed if you don’t find an option to manually update it.

Contact Your Carrier for Help

Still, the issue was not resolved, then you should contact their website or call their Customer Service phone number. You never know who made a mistake – your SIM card might have been suspended, or they might have shipped the wrong SIM card type.


What Should I Do if the Error Persists?

If you have gone through all the solutions and still the error persists, you should get in touch with or call your mobile carrier. You should explain your problem to them, and they will be able to help you investigate the problem and solve it.

It depends on the complexity of the issue, this can go from a couple of minutes, or it can drag on to a couple of days. Either way, contacting your mobile carrier is the best way to solve the problem.

Moreover, it might be possible that you have to replace your sim card itself if the error continues to happen/priests. It would be a safe solution to replace your sim card with your network provider as soon as you got the issue.

Can I use my phone without a SIM?

You can use your mobile without a sim, but you will get limited features. Without the insertion of SIM, you will be unable to make calls or send and receive messages.

What Does “SIM-Not-Provisioned MM#2” Mean?

There are several aspects that can cause “SIM not provisioned MM#2” but it can be easily resolved if you apply the methods we have discussed above. However, if you can’t resolve it, you won’t be able to use your network, and your SIM can be deactivated.

The Summing Up

All in all, we have discussed all the reasons, causes, and solutions regarding SIM cards not provisioned. Since you have seen that it doesn’t take long hours to eliminate the problem, you should go to the network provider if you are still facing the issues.

Also, it’s better to take extra precautions to avoid the error in the first place. Remember that your SIM card carries important information, such as your contacts, so it helps always to be careful when handling such a sensitive device. Besides that, if you have any questions, then you can comment below. We are always here to help you. Thank you for visiting us!