The Best WordPress Calculator Plugins in 2022

Are you looking for the best WordPress Calculator Plugins for your site that will let your customer estimate or calculate the price of your services? Then, you don’t need to move anywhere else because we have collected the best calculator online plugins for you. The plugins allow you to create quote or price estimation forms for your WP site.

Using the plugins for website calculators is a wise decision to provide your customer with a good user experience. There is a wide range of plugins available for the WordPress site. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose one from many options. So, today we have picked the best WordPress Calculator Plugins for you.

Why use a calculator plugin in WordPress?

If you are selling products online, then using a calculator plugin to your site will be a great decision to attract internet users to the website.  Using the suitable calculator plugin for your site will help you get better traffic & leads. The calculator online plugins are the building blocks of your WordPress website.

The plugin is said to be a piece of software that contains a group of functions that can be added to your WP site. They can extend the functionality or you can say that the plugin will add more features to your WordPress website.

Best WordPress Calculator Plugins for Website:

Below are some of the top picks for the calculator plugins you can use on your WordPress site.

Formidable Forms:

There is hardly anyone who has not heard about the Formidable Forms. It’s a well-known platform for creating highly customizable forms.  It provides you with numerous pre-built templates to help you to create an online calculator plugin within a fraction of seconds.

By using the Formidable Forms you can create plugins for the calculators such as a mortgage, BMI, age, calorie, etc. You can also create your eCommerce website along with the pricing & product fields by using the formidable forms. Therefore, a formidable WP plugin is not just a calculator plugin generator but it’s more than generating a plugin.

Calculated Fields Form:

You can use the Calculated Fields Forms In order to create forms with the dynamically calculated field just like the Formidable forms. It provides the facility to include the form builder with a variety of options for the file type that means you will be able to create any kind of online calculator plugin that you need.

The calculated fields form allows you to make different types of calculator forms such as calorie calculator, cost estimation, and many more.

EZ Form Calculator:

This is one of the high-rated WordPress calculator plugins available online. You will be able to create the estimation forms, cost calculators, & payment forms with this amazing plugin generator.

EZ From calculator comes with the drag & drop form builder and with many other useful fields. You can easily create different types of calculator plugins such as advanced cost estimators, and extensive contact forms within a few minutes.

Responsive Mortgage Calculator:

The Responsive Mortgage Calculator is appealing for the real estate webmasters that are looking for a way that provides value to their customers.

This mortgage-free calculator online plugin works very well as you would expect. You just need to put a few inputs for the variables and it spits out the summary with a nifty-looking chart. It’s a jQuery widget and shortcode that is designed to fit into any theme and on any device.

Cost Calculator:

The cost calculator is the best solution for you if you are looking for a lightweight & flexible calculator online plugin for the price quote or project estimation.

The plugin provides the demos for different niches such as car wash, loan, hosting, BMI, etc to get started quickly. You can also integrate the plugin with PayPal for making payments instantly.


I hope that this article will help you to get familiar with some of the best WP online calculator plugins. All the mentioned plugins at least have one unique feature that makes them different options to try. If you want to get an idea to create more interesting calculator plugins, then you can visit as it contains a wide range of calculators such as BMI calculators, calorie calculators, and many more.