Things to Remember While Filling in the Families Tree Template

A family tree is a beautiful way to represent your family, both immediate and distant. It helps you trace your great grandparents and the generations before that, besides fulfilling other purposes. The oldest generations occupy the top space of the tree, while the younger ones sit at the bottom. One of the ways of designing it is using a template for a family tree. It is easy to use, efficient, time-saving, and is extremely attractive visually. But first, you should choose a particular Families Tree Template that you find appealing.

The next step is filling out the family tree, which needs to be done systematically. What is the best way to do that, and what are the things to remember while doing so? Read on to know.

What is a Template, And is it Free?

A template is a starting point for a document that has already been preformatted. Using it saves you time and effort since you don’t have to create the format from scratch, including margins, styles, fonts, and page layouts. Most applications, including MS Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Excel, have templates. You have the option of downloading them or going for premium ones, which usually have more features attached to them.

Things to Note While Filling in Families Tree Template

Surnames are Best Mentioned in Capital Letters

Surnames, as opposed to your middle and first names, should always be mentioned in capital letters. Doing so helps avoid confusion, particularly if you have middle ones running to three or more words.

Don’t Ignore Middle Names

Some people use middle names. Others don’t. Those that do would want you to mention it at all times since it means something to them. It is helpful for clarity, particularly if you have two members of the same family with slightly similar-sounding names.

Use Maiden Names for Women

Some people mistake surnames and maiden names to be the same thing, which is incorrect. The maiden name refers to the surname that a married woman uses before her marriage. After marriage, it is up to her to use her surname or that of her husband. However, while filling in the Families Tree Template, enter the woman’s maiden name or skip it altogether if you don’t know it.

Don’t Forget to Mention the Nickname

Nicknames are fun and denote closeness. It shows that you belong to a group, be those friends or family. Over time, they become an essential part of an individual’s identity. Mentioning it along with the other details of a family member is also respectful in a way.

Follow the Day, Month, and Year Format

Two formats are widely used while mentioning dates, the American and European formats. While Americans like to use month, day and year, Europeans follow the more typical day, month, and year. While putting the date in the template for the family tree, it is better to go with the traditional European format. The reason is that it is easy to read and enjoys a greater familiarity with most people.

These are some of the points you need to keep in mind while filling out the template for a family tree. It is a fun, easy, and attractive way of knowing your family’s history and displaying it for future purposes.