Twisted Metal 2 || Best Ways to Use Cheat Codes

Twisted Metal 2 Pc is one combat game that allows you to explore various fictitious environments. Whether you are traveling through ice lands, molten lava, or serene farmlands, it is the game to play.

Coupled with fantastic graphics and breathtaking gameplay, TW2 is among the best in the segment. And is there any better option than to use Twisted Metal 2 cheat codes to secure a win?

Why Use Game Cheat Codes?

Imagine this: you are back from work, tired and drained of all energy. Or you had an extended study session. Either way, you plop down on the couch to rejuvenate by playing your favorite game.

But alas – you have low health, empty weapons inventory, or no ammunition. After a few minutes in, you are even more frustrated than when you started. This is the time to turn to the internet for some help.

You find the best Twisted Metal 2 pc cheat codes you ever set your eyes on and resume the game. You add more ammunition, improve health, buy weapons, and shield yourself from enemies within seconds. 

Undeniably, it is a more favorable scenario than being stuck at a level for several days. Cheat codes or game cheats are passwords or push-button combos that can trigger a critical event. Game developers incorporate them during the design phase; so, it is alright to use them.

How Do Game Cheats Work?

In the earlier days, game developers used cheat codes to jump through levels to reach the end. Using these, they tested the layout and built it to detect errors and fix bugs. However, with the top-notch quality assurance processes available today, developers will not likely use them. 

Most players stumble on them accidentally while practicing or fiddling with game controls. Others may use their imagination and explore various codes to discover what works.

But for a non-gamer, the word “cheat” may carry negative connotations. Essentially, what you are doing is choosing a shortcut rather than going through all the hurdles. That could mean it is cheating, but you are not taking an unfair advantage. 

How they work is that you input a passcode or enter a series of moves. Then, previously hidden levels or weapons will unlock themselves for you. Interestingly, these actions can decide the results, whether you win or lose, to your opponents.

When Can You Use Twisted Metal 2 Cheats?

Several scenarios during the game progression may need you to use cheat codes. You can jump levels, become invincible to other players, or simply have fun skipping the most difficult parts. 

The purpose of these cheats varies depending on the event, such as:

  • Launching an attack
  • Increasing ammunition
  • Eliminating things
  • Adding lives
  • Improving health
  • Unlock playable characters
  • Transform roles
  • Enhance weapons’ power
  • Level-up
  • Change settings
  • Rotate camera
  • Set player layout (single- or two-player mode)
  • Choose vehicles
  • Maneuver (jump, duck, etc.)

Finding the Best Cheat Codes for Twisted Metal 2

Nothing beats the satisfaction of doing things yourself. If you are behind your peers by several levels or want to defeat opponents, use cheat codes. It is a healthy and competitive way to ensure that you stay ahead in the game. 

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