What does WCW Mean on Instagram?

Internet-based abbreviations are making quite a big buzz these days. Instead of using any word in its full form and context, a short abbreviation is used to make it more compelling and entertaining. The trend of using different internet acronyms is at its peak everywhere these days, particularly on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. If you use IM regularly to have conversations with your friends and loved ones, then you must be familiar with some typical acronyms such as LOML, FML, LOL, LMFAO, and LMAO. Do even you have any idea of what WCM means?

It’s just a matter of time before you get used to reading and using such abbreviations during your instant conversation solely because they save so much time. Instead of writing why you are doing it, you write WYD, and it would mean the same thing.

Among many famous abbreviations, some new ones may not be easy to guess but they have become relatively popular all over social media networks. For instance, MCM stands for Man Crush Monday. Whenever a hashtag #MCM shows up in the caption of an Instagram story or post, it means that the post is about a particular man whom the poster loves, appreciates, and admires.

What does WCW Mean?

Just like the MCM term, the WCW has some powerful meanings and the acronym stands for “Woman Crush Wednesday”.  By using this hashtag or caption in your post, you are telling others that it is about a woman that you adore or cherish.

However, if you are paying your respect, love, and honor to any woman on social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you need to make sure to post about it only on Wednesday. It’s the day when a lot of other people are posting photos, videos, and media content of their lady or female crush as well.

Since the use of WMW could be quite confusing, you need to use it on Wednesday only to show your admiration for those people who matter to you a lot. Some posts have to be done on particular days only and all the posts related to MCM and WCW are posted Monday and Wednesday only.

WMW Hashtag and caption:

Although the term usually means woman crush Monday yet it can be confusing sometimes to understand. It also stands for the world wrestling championship.

However, the context of your posting will help users determine what you are posting about. Always use the caption with the picture to elaborate it further to your viewers, followers, and fans to eliminate any confusion.

  • You can take part in WMW freely and post a couple of pictures of your crush on social networks. Do many men and women have a question as to who the lady should be? Are they allowed to post about any celebrity? Here are some of the answers that will clear out the confusion.
  • Your WCW caption could be about any female that you cherish in your heart so dearly. It could be anyone from your family like your mother, sister, or cousin. Or it could be anyone from your circle of friends.
  • Most people have a crush on females because they are more beautiful than men. It is just a natural fact that most men fall in love with CGI and game characters, celebrities, and artists. It should not be viewed as controversial because women are born to be loved by men. As a man, you have full freedom to post about any lady whom you admire without making anyone frown on their eyebrows and squint their eyes in disgust. When you make a post on Wednesday about your lady crush, it is just that you are showing your appreciation for her. You won’t be questioned and judged about it.
  • Even if you are not a man, you can still post a picture of any woman you like from the bottom of your soft heart. Your gender, race, creed, clan, and religion do not matter at all. There would be so many other like-minded people who might be participating in WCW so your posts will never offend anyone since now it’s a trend.

Whenever you post on a special day, you need to consider including some useful and relevant hashtags in the posts. It would help you get organic followers, likes, and views without doing many struggles. Of course when you share something you like to have some views.

If it is art on a celebrity, then it must be shared with all the fans who love the same lady. For your post to be found, add the best hashtags to it. This way you will have visitors from Instagram search results as well as from different search engines.

If you write a simple hashtag WMW, you are going to find tons of posts, stories, and images on it. What you need to do is to make your post somewhat different, unique, and versatile for it to be found easily online by other people. Do your best and celebrate your Wednesday by posting the best picture of your crush.