When Should You Consider Website Redevelopment Services in Denton TX? 

Website redevelopment is usually considered when an existing website is underperforming. Under-performing websites tend to be outdated, hard to use, and struggle with search engine optimization. Website redevelopment can be used as a smokescreen to add new features or improve security, but it should continuously improve usability or SEO.

Below are some reasons that might make you consider working with experts specializing in web design in Denton TX, to redevelop your business website.

Your Site Needs an Update

One of the main reasons to redevelop a website is because it’s old. New updates come out all the time, whether that is with technology or just general design trends.

If you had your business website designed five years ago, the chances are that it looks pretty outdated and unimpressive now. Redevelopment is a chance to refresh your image. You can change the layout of your website, put up new pictures and updates on it, or just update your business location(s) and timings – there are a number of things you could do to update your website.

Your Site Isn’t Mobile Friendly

The reason your site is not mobile-friendly is that it was built for larger screens. If your website looks like a mess on mobile devices, then the chances are that people aren’t using your site as much as you would like them to.

All of your web traffic might be coming from desktops, meaning you’re missing out on a whole market by ignoring mobile phone users. With almost 50% of the web traffic coming from mobile devices, redeveloping your website to make it mobile-friendly should be a no-brainer.

You’ve Outgrown Your Website

If your company has grown a lot recently, you might find that certain pages of your website don’t get viewed much anymore.

For example, if you used to sell something, having an entire page dedicated to that discontinued product wouldn’t make much sense. Removing such pages will help you reduce clutter on your website and also speed it up.

You Have a Lot of Content That Nobody Is Looking At

If you’ve recently conducted market research, focus groups, or gone through something similar, you might have a lot of text that you don’t want to waste.

It can be an excellent idea to redevelop your website so that all of the information is easily accessible and searchable. Give each section its page, making it more accessible for people looking for specific information.

You Want More Click-Throughs for Specific Content

Suppose you have a lot of pages that are getting a good amount of clicks. It might be a good idea to redevelop your site with the help of experts specializing in web design in Denton, TX so that those pages get a more attractive look and feel. This step can help boost those pages, allowing more people to see the content you want them to see.

You Want More Traffic with Improved SEO

If your website is lacking in traffic, then it’s a good idea to look at redevelopment. By improving load time and search engine optimization, you can attract more visitors, which will only help your conversion rates and sales. Redevelopment can also allow you to improve on-site search so that your visitors are getting the information they need faster.

Website redevelopment is a good idea for improving your site and getting it ready for the future. New technology comes out all the time, making older websites outdated. Redevelopment can also help with usability and SEO, allowing you to get more web traffic from people looking for information.