Why You Can’t Add Someone On Facebook

Facebook is considered a well-known social media site and currently serving as one of the most famous among all social media with so many users. Why it is so famous is because it allows you to make friends, chat with them and see what they most like. So as usual when you go and send a friend request to someone you will find out that the option of adding them on Facebook has disappeared.

Remember social sites besides offering you great entertainment can prove to be really dangerous for your privacy. so always before surfing the internet take a good read on terms and conditions an app provides you.

There are a lot of reasons you are not able to add them on Facebook and it does not mean they have blocked you. And for that, we have got a list of the reasons and all of them are covered in full detail.

There are basically eight main reasons why you can’t add someone on Facebook and what is the real deal behind it.

The privacy

The very common reason why you can’t add someone on Facebook is that they have altered the privacy settings. There are a few options you can enable in your settings that will prevent you from adding them on Facebook.

So when they have altered their settings from public to friends of friends. You won’t be able to add them. Especially even if you don’t have common friends with them.

So what you can do is ask them out, send them a text message and ask them to add you as a friend. But because you are not friends on Facebook your message will go into the inbox of the other and there’s a possibility they don’t see that text on time.

Maybe the account is deactivated

If the user has deactivated the Facebook account you won’t be able to add them. Many people take breaks from social media and deactivate their accounts for some time and in such conditions, the account remains deactivated which means you can’t add them.

They have blocked you

Many times people block other users from seeing their activity or profile and trying to reach out to them in any way. Not just profile but you won’t be able to see their pictures, comments also you can’t even text them. So to find it out send them a text message and see if you can text them or not.

Maybe you have blocked them

You are constantly trying to add them on Facebook but you can’t reach out to them well. The reason for that is pretty sure you have blocked them. So to double-check that and to clear some doubts in the air you must go in their privacy settings and from their go-to the blocking.

Now you will see the full list of people you have blocked. If the person you were trying to access is there in the list just unblock them and send them a text message once again.

They have reached the limit of adding friends

Facebook is a very interesting and easy site that also applies so many restrictions to you. And with that, you will see that you can only have five thousand friends on Facebook.

So once someone reaches that milestone you will see that you can’t add them on Facebook and they can’t add you on Facebook. Even if you try to. Facebook will tell you that the person has reached a limit of adding friends.

You have already sent a request

Yes, many times we add people on Facebook and forget about them, and this way Facebook won’t let you send another request until they accept the first one, and with this, the request you have sent will get lost in the pile of friend requests they already have. So when you come across a situation like that just remind them by sending them a text message. Or maybe cancel that friend request and again send them a friend request.

If you want to remind them about your friend request you should send them a text message. as the text message is a mature way of telling people that you want to add them.

They may have denied your friend request

Well, they must have deleted or denied your friend request when you are unsure if they have seen your friend request. If you have sent them a request and you see an option that says “add friend “ it means they have denied the request. Well If you can see the friend request option just send another request.

Or maybe they have sent you a friend request already. You just didn’t see that at the time and now you want to add them. For that, you will not be able to see an add friend button and they have to send you a friend request option.

Facebook must have restricted its account

Many times when you go against the facebook guidelines and do some unethical stuff. Or maybe you have reported so many times. Facebook restricts the account for a longer period. And this can be from a few hours to days or even months. And in this time that person will no longer be able to do certain things.

You might be unable to add them on Facebook. You should wait for a while and then check if you are able to do the things. Not just this but Facebook will also restrict you from texting on messenger so collectively you won’t be able to contact them this way as well.

See the main point of Facebook is to add people and interact with them. So in such cases, it will be frustrating when you have trouble reaching out to your friends or adding new people. If you see this kind of issue or error when you are adding people and you don’t know the reason behind that you should contact the Facebook support center.