The Best Ideas for Quest Dating in Edmonton

Are you planning to add some excitement to your dating life? Then consider spending an entire hour with your crush playing Sherlock Holmes and solving mysteries and murders. With this brief guide to the most exciting escape rooms in Edmonton, you will undoubtedly add more adventure to your love life.

1. The Fifth Element

Channel your inner Korben Dallas and Leeloo to save the planet from impending doom in the Fifth Element quest. You and your partner will spend the entire hour methodically working through the clues and hints to find and activate the coveted five elements. The adventure room can host from 2 to 8 players, so if you’re considering a double date, why not spend it while saving the Earth?

Complexity: 3 out of 5

2. Matrix

You and your partner are lost in the Matrix and have the world’s only chance to flee the machines. Gather the clues, follow the hints, and escape the prospect of being machine fuel. The quest Edmonton offers can host up to 8 people, making it great for double and triple dates.

Complexity: 3 out of 5

3. Bank Heist

Dirty cop, double-crossing, and a squad of bank robbers intent on stealing the money and avoiding jail time. If you’re a fan of bank heist adventures, then this quest is tailor-made for you. Suitable for a single couple and teams of up to 9 members. With the stakes running so high, are you up to the challenge?

Complexity: 4 out of 5

4. Senator’s Battle

Suppose you are in the mood to investigate the senator’s bunker, attempting to find his connections with an elusive Freemason Brotherhood. Then, the Senator’s Battle quest is right up your alley. If you and your partner want to experience a more action-packed adventure, why not invite friends to face it in battle mode? With two groups running against the clock, you will handle some classified data and high-profile conspiracies.

Complexity: 2 out of 5

To wrap it up, if you’re on the lookout for escape rooms Canada has to offer, Escape Hour is a great place to make your date a bit more adventurous and fun.

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